Monday, August 01, 2011

Like. Hate. Love.

Recently, someone asked me: What's my inspiration story. All suddenly I can't thinks of any, it's all around me. Been thinking of the proper "inspiration" intangible value which I hardly realized in life.

It's happens every seconds, every minutes, every hours, every days...

Like. Hate. Love.
Like. Hate. Love.
Like. Hate. Love.

It's such a complex feel, complex relations between the three.


Doing what's I likes.
Hates what's I faces.
Love what's I'm doing.

Like feel is awesome. It's like caffeine makes you forget about pain. But it's not a long lasting element. It's kick in whenever I have the feel. It's just a one way channel. It's not really inspired. Somehow it's turn into hate.

Hate element is the only one that I'm been trying hard to reduce, to minimize and even try to kick the "hate" element out of my part of inspiration, it's negative element. Somehow, somewhere, some events, sometime, the "hates" kicked in, I'm even inspired. =,='' bad energy.
The hate lead to inspired and worse it's also lead to disappointment and roller coaster on emotions.

Love element. I'm really this element last week! Guess what, I ate what I "love"... Last week, colleague brought "Nasi Lemak" to office and we had "nasi lemak breakfast" party in pantry! Eating such sinful food, it's motivates me to run harder and longer to burn the fat off. Other than on this aspect, no other love aspect can motivate me. Unless I got girl friend. :)

Previously, I'm been on diet, only eat very clean food, like Tuna sandwich, plain pasta with olive oil only...The healthy diet helps to improved my body and muscles preparing for all my workout & running. Perhaps now is the honeymoon period, serious workout not yet start for my The Most Beautiful Thing: 100KM Trail ULtra marathon.

Ultra Marathon Race - I'm going to complete my The Most Beautiful Thing #TMBT : Sabah Adventure Challenge 100KM Trail Ultra Marathon starting from Nov 5-7, 2011 at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but I'm have to serious in maintain my training loads & have healthy diet.  ---> it's my mission statement for the next 96 days.

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