Friday, August 26, 2011

Runners Malaysia - Beginner to running

Runners Malaysia - A group of runners who have their usual short distance of 4 to 6 KM run on every Saturday  7.30am meet up at Bukit Aman Car Park (which at Lake Garden). Sad to mention it here that, due to lack of new beginners joining and everyone are progress to next level, there's only left one or two session runners running this 4 to 6 KM route on Saturday 7.30am. (it's sound bad, but it's a good news for runners)

Glad that saw this photo below posted by Jamie (one of the co-founder of Runners Malaysia together with Mr Wan) in Runners Malaysia Facebook group.

I dont know what's is coming up, but with the title "My First Run Clinic" it's going to be not your ordinary meet and run sessions. :)

So anyone who set their target to run healthy in 2012 next year can follow updates on Runners Malaysia Facebook group for latest development.

Some information and news about Jamie. 
Looks at The Star Newspaper yesterday, 24 August 2011. 

You wont get wrong footage to start your running with Runners Malaysia! 

I'm the living life example! 



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