Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Room Not Rented Out

feeling like kena Fong Fei Kei by the people.

keep promising want to transfer the money to my bank account, wasting my SMS to check my balance.

now, should get to the point.

whoever pay me 1st, get the room 1st.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Medical Report

my medical report cover.
the full page of it.
inside the result

today received a call saying that my medical report is done and ready for collection.

after works, back home, tapao diner and eating my diner while watch the Final Destination 3.

when finished watching the FD 3, i went to the clinic for the report.

doctor is explaining to me the result of the report.

he said im everything is ok, normal. all the figures are within the range.
after explaining all, the doctor said, my antibody for the Hep.B is zero. im now totally no antibody for it. and as well as antibody for Hep.A
i need antibody for Hep. B and Hep. A


Tender resignation letter

an action which im almost do it on 2 April.
an action which im almost do it on 10 April.
an action which im almost do it on 18 April.

and now it's done on 28 April 2008.

this morning, since im decided to take up the offer, i wake up sharp at 7am and on my lappie and set up my printer and hit the print button.

Rented Out

My room is just rented out.
it's a working adult just like me.
he been staying in Sri Pelangi Condo before.
he just came in and see the room and it's confirmed.
no more second thought.

now his main concern is parking space.
he need a parking.
hmmm, hope i can help him to find 1.

add value.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 April 2008

last night after back from Genting, watch the 4th episod of "Loving thieft" drama and only go to sleep.

this morning wake up around 9.30am.
now is almost end of april, im still have really take actions of looking for housemate for my roomate.
so today is the day for me to action.

i put up the notice around my condo notice broad and also some at the "popular" hotspot for the posting notice along the road side.

result for the day:
got 1 people come up and see the house.
got 1 people sms asking for price.
got 1 people sms asking and make appointment for tomolo. i can sense he is the one and he is serious to rent my room.

just now after finished my diner, im feel so sleepy. what is happening to me. so suddenly im feel so sleepy and now thinks of tomolo is the monday, need to works.

and im going to confirm on the Japan co job and going to tender by this week.

26 April 2008


today, i with my myviclub gang, gather at 1 of our member house before we all sit in my car heading to Subang Carrefour for some additional "things" to be added into my car.

added the "things" and my car can feel the different. it's a good advice by my friend.

i spended whole evening with them. we drive-through McD for lunch and at his house, we managed to web cam with another myviclub member in Australia.

at night, my roomate and i went up to Genting.

25 April 2007


i got two interviews on the same day.

first is the Japan company while another 1 is investbank bank.


this 2 days, i wanna blog something...
but im hang.
im blur.
im cant thinks of what to blog.

maybe the thing i want to blog is the thing that i wont want to blog at the movement.
maybe the thing i want to blog is nothing to cheers up.
maybe the thing i want to blog is a black dot in my life.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ending, start of another

i thinks im decided, no matter how, i going to end this which im wanted to end quite some time ago.

although recently got increament, but im not satisfy in works. im not happy. last time, i never complain and always happy. guess the accumulated of small small un-happyness is already become the hill and anytime, it will collapes.

it's will collapes specially when there always raining and thunder.

what you want me to do with you? you tell me. i was thinking in deep, it's my faults. i know what i should do next. the expected outcome which will make you happy.

i know what im doing.

tired, write whatever is crossing my mind.

im really tired.
im really tired.
im really tired.

oh yeah, i got total of 62 days and half day of un-used leave.
62 days. Yes, it's 62 days and it's normal in here. you no need to surprise on this.

my senior or my colleagues saying their's are even higher. why we just dun have the chances to utilise the leave?

Guess my leave holiday is in the danger mood. it's might not materialise.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23 April 2008 II

previous post was part I, now the un-expected part II.

today, heard got some "Mat Salleh" is visiting the office.
Wow... Mat Salleh wow...

so everyone is keeping their desk clean and organized.

lucky my desk is always clean. no need to do any cleaning or organising.

previously got visitor from China, Thailand and bla bla bla...
each time, we have to clean the messy desk up...

can not do this, can not do that...
and in the evening, the HR manager is very garang telling us that, your all must wear WSD tag in the office all day.

huh... WTF... i never wear the tag since day 1 working in here. it's been 2 year 4 months working here. it's abit hard to adopt.

lucky my tag is always in my bag.

23 April 2008

it's 23 April 2008.

7 days before May is coming.
7 days before my so called "poor" housemate will move out.
7 days before my Hong Kong's company account need to fill in Hong Kong.
7 days before i can go back to hometown.
7 + 1 days before i can meet up with Penang's Low Yat forumer for gathering.

my life is getting busy. rushing for 1 company and another company is coming and another 1 is on-going.

really making me headache.

since i was informed my so called "poor" housemate is moving out, i din really got take effort to find housemate for my medium room.
guess, im got confidence that sure will have people come in rent in May.

it's everyday raining. if im post my notice out there, by now, it shd be already become rubbish.
anyways, a little effort is being make for the advertisement.

i posted the vacancy in the low yat forum classified.

Room To Let

Medium to Let.

Available in May

Sri Pelangi Condo
Jalan Genting Kelang.

Fully Furnished

Astro, Fridge, washing machine, sofa and streamyx.

details pls contract mr tan @ 012-5679101

Monday, April 21, 2008

21 April 2008

today, while im been fallings down to deep valley, darkness is all around me.

then suddenly accepted a call from friend. she asking me whether still looking for job.
answer is definately Yes.
Yes, im.
Yes, im.

i want out of the current situation.

just now, suddenly im become talkative. i called people who come accross my mind and seek their opinion. they are experienced. so it's best to ask them.

after that, i found out that, im either :

sick of the currently situation where all my best colleagues left, leaving only few of us. this make me feel de-motivated, and be slack. how i wish i can be so energitic like last time. but im just can not.

sick of the job.

around 4.00pm i got call from an investment bank for interview. OMG... im almost forget what position im applied to.

anyways, will be just busy attending interview. it's a process of learning. no harm trying.

Im bombied.

im bombied.
im been bombied,
im been bombied many round.

today is the latest bombing.
some how i can not aviod it.
been trying hard, but still kena.

Early Morning

im hardly still awake at this movement.
im normally go to sleep at around 12am or latest by 1am.

today, i found myself still awake rushing for the "problematic" accounts, which is hardly can be complete.

it's need round and round of touch up and correction.
last year im been correcting the files for so many times and he superceeded papers become more and more, thicker and thicker.

this year, superceeded papers is not so much.

finishing for 1 files, i still have another file which is more "problematic and serious". Wondering how im going to survived for the coming days.



got one time, i have the scare of this client.
once stepped into it's building my nightmare started.

before start for this job,
i thought the situation will improved.
i thought i can handle the situation.
i thought i can do well better this year.

but all my thought proved im wrong.
the situation not improved but worse.
the situation is too complex for me to handle.
im doing worse than last year.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


On friday, we have farewell diner for 1 of my colleague. we went to Kepong Aman Putri for the Crapp.

it's the most crap i ate for the night compared with previous diner where also got lots of crap.
and it's cheaps also.

we have 25 people eating and each person only cost about RM25 for it including we belanja the farewell colleague.


on Firday, near to 5.30pm
where everyone is expected to leave office within 1 hours time for the farewell diner at Aman Putri Kepong eat Crapp.

i was being told by colleague to go to partner room.
im surprised.
what is happening.

seeing my colleague holding 1 letter and smilling.
ok, i can relax abit and stepped into the partner room.

partner is giving me a letter and like previous time, asked me to open it on the sport.
the letter suddenly become hard to open.
finally it's opended.
took out the letter and see.
it's an increment letter.

so surprised.
feel happy.

at the same time, my job hunting is like being slowed down.
im in dilema.

at that movement, i thought i can doing well given the increment, yet today i got mental block.
seems this is not what im really can focus on it now.

Mental Block

it's sunday.

i thought i can works.
i thought i can rushing up the files.
i thought i can back office to works.
i thought i can do what im thinks.

ended up, im doing none of the things above.
it's just mental block.
tommorrow need to submit the file.
what im waiting for.

today went Carrefour in the morning.
today mostly surfing and spam in low yat forum.
today ended up went to Low Yat Plaza for a while.
left within 1 hour.

1 May 2008

on this day, the first thing im going to do is change my lock.

going to buy a new set of lock.
currently i have 2 set of lock. but i thinks if my housemate got duplicate, he can enter my house easily.

so get a new lock which he never own the key before.

and now, later im going to un-subscrive the sport channel which is his favourite. anyways, just left 1 weeks plus before he move out.

Bloody hell

i curse you.
i curse you.
i curse you.

you make my life misrable, while you still be like nothing happened and enjoy your life.

you make my life misrable, i have to bear a lots.
you make my life misrable, i have to pay abit more.
you make my life misrable, i have to borrow from legalised "tai ge long".

my life is already full with stress and pressure.
you just added salt, cuka, and whatever into it.
making my life misrable.

my medium housemate whose an indian, always pay me late rental and always delay 1 months.
im ok with it, as i trusted him to pay me.
and he seems like to abuse my kindness on this.
keep delay my rental.

and now this time, he delayed 2 months.
he keep saying his salary is not yet received and bla bla bla.
and he always keep to say SORRY, sorry here, sorry there.

he even got few times, his dad calling me up to tell me that his salary not yet received and have to delay my rental, and keep saying sorry.

on April, he told me that he will leave on end of May as he is going to UK.
i was reasponed like nothing happened, then he repeat telling me, Im going to UK. Im going to UK.
Going to UK konon-nya, im doubt that.. Yet he owe me 2 months rental.

he promised to pay me the rental mid of april. and yesterday he SMSed me saying he wanted to move out end of the month and set off the 2 months deposit.

this is what his sms: I still cannot get my salary, so i will move out by end of this month. Please use my deposit to settle my debts. The balance i will pay b4 i leave.Sorry for the trouble.

yet he still owe my another RM87 after set off. so i demanded him to pay me as soon as possible.
Guess what he replied to me: Ok, i did not meant it. it's just my situation is like that. Sorry.

im spechless.

people stay single in 1 room, he also stay single in 1 room. As im charging at the above market rate providing the extra facilities, he still can afford to pay for the last 2 years. just the bad ending he give me the impression.

now let's wait and see when he going to pay me the balance of RM87.

now im quite worry, i got nothing to holding up. if on the day, he move out, if he tooks my things, my electrical as well, im a big loser.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Myvi @ Polishing

On the Sunday, i took my car for simple job polishing at Albert place Kota Damansara.

my usual place for car wash and as well as cosmetic centre for my vivi...

the job started at 3.00pm.

first step

Spraying a lots of water on the surface then spray some chemical on top of it and wash it.

second step

Claying. Claying is using sort of tanah liat and mop the surface of the car with a lots of sampo water.

third step

Applying a few layer of polish on my car. horey.

it's using machine to apply the polish. Yeah... im loving it.

1st layer, forget what product already, but sure it's a very good product.

2nd layer, a product called klasse sort of.

3rd layer, a special mixed secret recipe of Albert.

beside this, and bonus layer, a water proof layer. too bad, until now no rain, so no chances to see the water patern on surface of my car. But it's very nice pattern.

lastly, since my car is the last job for the day, i got additional things. it's soft99 windscreen thing. applied on my windscreen and raining time, the water will be flow down very fast, like the 1 we see in the TV advertisement.
the see water, it's pearl.
and my car now is like mirror. haha...

this is the water pattern im mention.

Starbucks @ Genting

Drinking chocolates ice blended.
while online.
i found that the speed here is so fast.
it's much faster than in home ---> Streamyx

maybe here now at the movement got lesser people online.

OMG... how come im always feel that im heart is so stress up.
this afternoon went to see doctor, and complaining about my heart feel like very narrow and feel no good.

then he checked my paluse and saying my heart bit is more than 100 which is far exceed the normal rateof 64 the usual heart bit for a normal person. Guess im been so stress up and not a normal person anymore.

the doctor suggest, if got time later, it's better to come back and have blood test. Maybe the heart bit rate run faster indicate something might be wrong with my body parts.


Recently im so down...
Recently im ill performing in my works...
Recently im always take leaves...

so many recently things, and all chucked up and im now ended at Genting.
Driving alone up to here.
Drinking starbucks while wireless online.

it's cool.
it's cooler air here.
it's relaxing.
it's un-perfect, im alone.


this post is the 560th post of my blog entry. suddenly noticed it.

it's been since year 2005 im starting to blog about me.
before this im usually write it down on my diaries books... specially during study time in TARC where got very tough time, no internet like now...

write it down and then go to sleep for a while. and im recharged back, continue to study. tht's how im pass my college's life.

while, when im starting to blog, i was to blog about the "un-happy" things which im keep deep inside me, i even did not write it down in my diaries. it's just a ugly thing inside my heart...

im really wanted to do something different from currently what im doing.


Monday blue.

Sunday, April 13, 2008



lesson of the week which im learnt from someone.

someone who turn their passion into business and making money from there on. they are working for passion and they are earning happliy and big money.

comparing someone with me, this is im lacking of for my current jobs. it's not my passion anymore.

i want to change.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tough life

i had a tough life right now.

heart is missing...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

April 2008

i never thought April is a tough month.
i life happliy all the while.
then come to this client since mid of March and now still on-going doing the same client.
i wanted to vomit.

April makes me suffering a lots.
this time, im seriously want to looks for an exit.
it's time to get to the exit point.

or else will be harder to get to exit and even harder to make an entrance to commercial.

Marks & Spencer

One Utama Marks & Spencer
where i have brought my working shirts, tie and pant one shoot.
thinks thinks...

i have long time did not buy new cloths for my working purposes, besides for the new year cloths on last year.

wanted to buy G2000 but everyone is wearing it and it can be so easily found someone is wearing the same cloths with me.

so this time, go for the Marks and Spencer store to buy.
it's still have promotion, buy 1 get 1 half price.


i cant believed it.
i spend on it
i spend without really care about it.
i spend without take into consideration.
i spend off my limits.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


im stuck.
im really stuck.
im really shit stuck.
im really shit stuck day-dreaming.
im really shit stuck doing nothing else this morning.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Being spending 1 day...
from worse to okok...
still not so ok.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008



let's slient for 1 minutes.

i silent
i cant object
client always right
nothing else i can do
but just follow whatever
life is getting harder and tougher
it's too long i bearing the heavy responsibility
it's too heavy and it's getting heavier and heavier
im tired of bearing the heavy bags on my shoulder
yet i need to be 1 month notice to be effective
somehow i need to plan for my route
an exit route which will help me
what i want to take
ball is on my side

Tuesday, April 01, 2008



some how i dun know how i can stand until now.

thinks back, i should have do it that time when im 1st heard the words.
that time, i somehow can press it down.

Sigh. life is hard.
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