Monday, April 14, 2008

Myvi @ Polishing

On the Sunday, i took my car for simple job polishing at Albert place Kota Damansara.

my usual place for car wash and as well as cosmetic centre for my vivi...

the job started at 3.00pm.

first step

Spraying a lots of water on the surface then spray some chemical on top of it and wash it.

second step

Claying. Claying is using sort of tanah liat and mop the surface of the car with a lots of sampo water.

third step

Applying a few layer of polish on my car. horey.

it's using machine to apply the polish. Yeah... im loving it.

1st layer, forget what product already, but sure it's a very good product.

2nd layer, a product called klasse sort of.

3rd layer, a special mixed secret recipe of Albert.

beside this, and bonus layer, a water proof layer. too bad, until now no rain, so no chances to see the water patern on surface of my car. But it's very nice pattern.

lastly, since my car is the last job for the day, i got additional things. it's soft99 windscreen thing. applied on my windscreen and raining time, the water will be flow down very fast, like the 1 we see in the TV advertisement.
the see water, it's pearl.
and my car now is like mirror. haha...

this is the water pattern im mention.

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Yenn said...

how much for it?

yan er

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