Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ending, start of another

i thinks im decided, no matter how, i going to end this which im wanted to end quite some time ago.

although recently got increament, but im not satisfy in works. im not happy. last time, i never complain and always happy. guess the accumulated of small small un-happyness is already become the hill and anytime, it will collapes.

it's will collapes specially when there always raining and thunder.

what you want me to do with you? you tell me. i was thinking in deep, it's my faults. i know what i should do next. the expected outcome which will make you happy.

i know what im doing.

tired, write whatever is crossing my mind.

im really tired.
im really tired.
im really tired.

oh yeah, i got total of 62 days and half day of un-used leave.
62 days. Yes, it's 62 days and it's normal in here. you no need to surprise on this.

my senior or my colleagues saying their's are even higher. why we just dun have the chances to utilise the leave?

Guess my leave holiday is in the danger mood. it's might not materialise.

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