Monday, April 14, 2008

Starbucks @ Genting

Drinking chocolates ice blended.
while online.
i found that the speed here is so fast.
it's much faster than in home ---> Streamyx

maybe here now at the movement got lesser people online.

OMG... how come im always feel that im heart is so stress up.
this afternoon went to see doctor, and complaining about my heart feel like very narrow and feel no good.

then he checked my paluse and saying my heart bit is more than 100 which is far exceed the normal rateof 64 the usual heart bit for a normal person. Guess im been so stress up and not a normal person anymore.

the doctor suggest, if got time later, it's better to come back and have blood test. Maybe the heart bit rate run faster indicate something might be wrong with my body parts.

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