Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 April 2008

last night after back from Genting, watch the 4th episod of "Loving thieft" drama and only go to sleep.

this morning wake up around 9.30am.
now is almost end of april, im still have really take actions of looking for housemate for my roomate.
so today is the day for me to action.

i put up the notice around my condo notice broad and also some at the "popular" hotspot for the posting notice along the road side.

result for the day:
got 1 people come up and see the house.
got 1 people sms asking for price.
got 1 people sms asking and make appointment for tomolo. i can sense he is the one and he is serious to rent my room.

just now after finished my diner, im feel so sleepy. what is happening to me. so suddenly im feel so sleepy and now thinks of tomolo is the monday, need to works.

and im going to confirm on the Japan co job and going to tender by this week.

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