Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23 April 2008 II

previous post was part I, now the un-expected part II.

today, heard got some "Mat Salleh" is visiting the office.
Wow... Mat Salleh wow...

so everyone is keeping their desk clean and organized.

lucky my desk is always clean. no need to do any cleaning or organising.

previously got visitor from China, Thailand and bla bla bla...
each time, we have to clean the messy desk up...

can not do this, can not do that...
and in the evening, the HR manager is very garang telling us that, your all must wear WSD tag in the office all day.

huh... WTF... i never wear the tag since day 1 working in here. it's been 2 year 4 months working here. it's abit hard to adopt.

lucky my tag is always in my bag.

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