Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23 April 2008

it's 23 April 2008.

7 days before May is coming.
7 days before my so called "poor" housemate will move out.
7 days before my Hong Kong's company account need to fill in Hong Kong.
7 days before i can go back to hometown.
7 + 1 days before i can meet up with Penang's Low Yat forumer for gathering.

my life is getting busy. rushing for 1 company and another company is coming and another 1 is on-going.

really making me headache.

since i was informed my so called "poor" housemate is moving out, i din really got take effort to find housemate for my medium room.
guess, im got confidence that sure will have people come in rent in May.

it's everyday raining. if im post my notice out there, by now, it shd be already become rubbish.
anyways, a little effort is being make for the advertisement.

i posted the vacancy in the low yat forum classified.

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