Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bloody hell

i curse you.
i curse you.
i curse you.

you make my life misrable, while you still be like nothing happened and enjoy your life.

you make my life misrable, i have to bear a lots.
you make my life misrable, i have to pay abit more.
you make my life misrable, i have to borrow from legalised "tai ge long".

my life is already full with stress and pressure.
you just added salt, cuka, and whatever into it.
making my life misrable.

my medium housemate whose an indian, always pay me late rental and always delay 1 months.
im ok with it, as i trusted him to pay me.
and he seems like to abuse my kindness on this.
keep delay my rental.

and now this time, he delayed 2 months.
he keep saying his salary is not yet received and bla bla bla.
and he always keep to say SORRY, sorry here, sorry there.

he even got few times, his dad calling me up to tell me that his salary not yet received and have to delay my rental, and keep saying sorry.

on April, he told me that he will leave on end of May as he is going to UK.
i was reasponed like nothing happened, then he repeat telling me, Im going to UK. Im going to UK.
Going to UK konon-nya, im doubt that.. Yet he owe me 2 months rental.

he promised to pay me the rental mid of april. and yesterday he SMSed me saying he wanted to move out end of the month and set off the 2 months deposit.

this is what his sms: I still cannot get my salary, so i will move out by end of this month. Please use my deposit to settle my debts. The balance i will pay b4 i leave.Sorry for the trouble.

yet he still owe my another RM87 after set off. so i demanded him to pay me as soon as possible.
Guess what he replied to me: Ok, i did not meant it. it's just my situation is like that. Sorry.

im spechless.

people stay single in 1 room, he also stay single in 1 room. As im charging at the above market rate providing the extra facilities, he still can afford to pay for the last 2 years. just the bad ending he give me the impression.

now let's wait and see when he going to pay me the balance of RM87.

now im quite worry, i got nothing to holding up. if on the day, he move out, if he tooks my things, my electrical as well, im a big loser.

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