Sunday, April 20, 2008


on Firday, near to 5.30pm
where everyone is expected to leave office within 1 hours time for the farewell diner at Aman Putri Kepong eat Crapp.

i was being told by colleague to go to partner room.
im surprised.
what is happening.

seeing my colleague holding 1 letter and smilling.
ok, i can relax abit and stepped into the partner room.

partner is giving me a letter and like previous time, asked me to open it on the sport.
the letter suddenly become hard to open.
finally it's opended.
took out the letter and see.
it's an increment letter.

so surprised.
feel happy.

at the same time, my job hunting is like being slowed down.
im in dilema.

at that movement, i thought i can doing well given the increment, yet today i got mental block.
seems this is not what im really can focus on it now.

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