Sunday, July 29, 2012

Penang Second bridge video

Video on Penang Second bridge!

Video ini adalah dalam bentuk visual computer grafik tentang bentuk sebenar Jambatan pulau pinang apabila siap. Panjang sekitar 23.5 KM dan Kos pembinaan melebihi 4 Billion Ringgit. Kos sebenar akan di ketahui apabila jambatan ini siap 2013.

Bila siap ia merupakan jambatan terpanjang di dunia. Sama sama kita doa agar projek ini berjaya. Contractor from china built second bridge in penang, malaysia. Lepas ini ia akan menjadi daya tarikan pelancong ke Malaysia dan Penang. 

Sumber Video : JKR Ibu Pejabat KL, 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Janji Ditepati - 55th Kemerdekaan Malaysia

We have Independence theme song for coming 55th anniversary independence of Malaysia! 

Janji Kita ditepati
Hidup Rakyat Dibela
Masa Depan Diberkati
Janji sudah ditepati
Kini masa balas budi

Like it?
Love it?
Let me know.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Drive Thru @ McCafe at Jln Pahang

McDonald's McCafe at Jalan Pahang completed it's major renovation not long ago, can refer back to my previous blog not long ago, so today i tried the newly renovated McDonald's Drive Thru. 

The big McD sign. To be honest, the sign is being blocked by trees in front of petrol station. You wont be able to see the "M" sign when you coming from far. You only can see the "M" sign when passing the trees. 

Drive Thru.... 

I noticed there's 2 kiosks for taking orders ! will this fasten the process and reduce the Q of cars coming for drive thru, thus reducing traffic jam at Jln Pahang? Hope its really work! 

The first kiosk in front while i'm at second kiosk. 

Big menu ! 

Payment counter. For today's experience, i'm almost waited for 5 minutes to reach at payment counter after i ordered my meal at the order kiosk. I guess, the staff is still experiment the new system where there's 2 order kiosks, and only 1 payment counter. She might be mixed up the orders. 

It's confirmed my guessing when the staff mentioned wrong orders. She told me my order was 2 McChicken meals but i'm only ordered 1 McChicken meal (sad, already foreveralone, eating alone, yet she mentions i ordering 2 McChickens). After i corrected her, she re-enter order or cancel extra McChicken. Guess that's why it's taking sometime to reach me. 

Something new to me. 

Black and simple for collection counter. 

Cappuccino RM4.50 ! Anyone?  

Anyway, you can be the 1st to enjoy McCafe coffee today from 7am onward ! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

KVMRT - Works updates 210712

In support of Kampung2005, somehow, i'm become sensitive on the MRT updates. Below are the updates on KVMRT construction works which started along Sprint Highway from TTDI.

On the way from Damansara to TTDI direction. Can spot the construction work begins. Somehow, if there's any significant works, this might be "curious kill the traffic" ! Drivers might slow down to view on the construction works... =.='' 

Some barriers in front of Petrol stations behind KLGCC. 

Both directions of Caltex petrol stations are being acquired by MRT Co to be MRT purposes.  

On the way from TTDI to Damansara direction. Barriers along the highway. 

The clearing work are being lead by Sunway as you can see in the banner. 

It's been long long time i hardly visit to Jln Bukit Bintang. MRT barriers being setup in front of the BB Plaza.  

At night, so happened we went to Jln Alor for Ngau Kee Beef Noodle passing by the "infamous" BB Plaza which in MRT news. 

MRT Route for One Utama unitl Semantan.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

First McCafe in KL is open NOW - 22/07/2012

Remember my previous post which posted yesterday Saturday, the McCafe was not open yet. Even today, this morning 10am plus, it's still not open for business. 

21/07/2012 - Saturday - McCafe was not open for business yet. 

The view of McCafe in day time. 

Until just now, 9pm, the first McCafe in Kuala Lumpur is open for business which located at Jalan Pahang.  

McCafe is open for business! 

From the close for renovation turning into McCafe, McDonald's just spent less than 1 month to do it. During the renovation period, which were close for business, Jalan Pahang traffic were smoother than before even during peak hours and normal hours. 

With opening of new concept McCafe at Jalan Pahang, hope the drive through service turn around time will be improved and not causing jam along Jln Pahang toward Jln Gombak from Bulatan Pahang. 

Selamat Berpuasa. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

First McCafe in Kuala Lumpur

First McCafe in Kuala Lumpur is coming to your way soon. It's coming soon! As you might know, there's two McCafe opens in Selangor, and this will be third McCafe opening in Malaysia, while first in Kuala Lumpur. 

For your information, the McCafe located at Jln Pahang. Soon, very soon, it will be open! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

P2K Ipoh Rides 140712

I done it. Riding from PJ to Ipoh on 14th July 2012, Saturday covering distance of 210KM. 
I done it! What's surprised me was, my average speed were 34KM/Hr for the whole 210KM... 

PJ to Ipoh. Nothing is impossible! 

19 P2K cyclists ! 

At Rawang... 

At Serendah... 

Somewhere... on the way to Ipoh via trunk road. 

99KM to go till reaching Ipoh! 

Riding in peloton are awesome! Specially when you can follow the peloton for 170KM... 

Thank you P2K brothers and sister in leading the peloton. 

We had our first stop at Slim River where we cycled 100KM for breakfast aka lunch aka refills aka recharge. Had some nice mihun mee at chinese stall... It's were good peloton speed where no one was dropped. The speed were constant above 35KM/hr mostly flat. It's really feel good. 

As for myself, I'm a bit surprised as i'm just recover from fever sickness. For the past 1 week, i only cycled once RPM session on Thursday, that was not putting 100% effort into the RPM. It's was just testing my power, my feel post fever. Thank god, i'm fully recovered and feel in power. 

After the rest, we continue our cycling to Ipoh. Weather is getting hotter... The peloton continue speeding with constant speed above 35KM/hr. I start feeling it's getting harder as weather getting hotter, and my energy level not same as previous first 100KM. Following the group become harder and harder. One of cyclist had flat, we stopped at palm estate roadside rest... We were just 10KM away from Bidor and 20KM away from Tapah. 

If my memory served well, we arrived at Tapah Shell for another rest, that's clocked 170KM. Checked my Cateye meter, average speed were 35KM/hr. :) 

It's really hot! We continue our ride. We next stop, which reaching ipoh town, and we agreed Simpang Pulai Petronas would be our next stop or rather last stop before into Ipoh town. Some how, there's 1 cyclist already breakaway from peloton, far in front of us. There lead seem getting faster and faster. I'm trying hard to follow with peloton, the peloton speed were getting faster, starting with 30km/hr, then 35km/hr and then 40km/hr... I'm still able to follow, but it's getting harder for me yet the peloton speed were getting higher, at one point, it's breaking 45km/hr, that's when i'm dropped. 

Cursing.. Cursing like usual training when i'm get dropped. Where your all got your power pedaling for speed above 45km/hr after 170KM riding! Foreveralone cycling is normal for me when cycle with P2K. Without peloton's drafting help, my speed hardly hit 35km/hr. It's was just around 30KM/hr single effort. 

Counting KM... when, how far, how many more KM im reaching Simpang Pulai Petronas! 

Met back with the group at Simpang Pulai Petronas around 3pm. Then we cycled into Ipoh town together with "slow" speed. 

I done my PJ - Ipoh ride! Thank god. By the way, after the weekend rides, my weight dropped 2kg. wahaha! 


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Bayu Sentul - Final Block

Due to over wheling response,2nd (final) Block is now Open For Sale.
Date : 7 & 8 July 2012 (Sat & Sun)
Time : 10am-7pm
Venue : Site Sales Office(Tmn Dato Senu, Sentul, KL 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Remember my post on KVMRT is dark green line posted on 3 July 2012 yesterday have question about (T). I tweeted @ETP_roadmap about the question and i got replied on (T). 

As you can see the print screen on @etp_roadmap reply. T stand for Tunneling. It's quite interesting when i'm first saw etp_roadmap's reply. (T) for tunneling. First time ever see and know about it. Perhaps, Malaysia don't have many companies which have the capacity in tunneling for mega project like SMART and LRT or rather only one in Malaysia? 

Anyway, doubt cleared. 


Romantic story - StarLight Marathon @ Taiwan

What's a romantic story which happened in StarLight Marathon 星光马 in Taiwan.

Last year's StarLight romantic marathon was their first marathon, they met, in love and married! Last month they realise they are going to have a baby, thus they write to the 2nd edition StarLight marathon, if they can change their enrollment to 8K fun run?

Organiser told them don't need to change, just run the 8K, they still will received their 42K medal, all finisher goodies and a special couple gift. and ask if they wanna to go up stage to received a gift that commemorates the coming baby!

Quoted from Sam Chong in Facebook. 

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

KVMRT is dark green line.

Future is here. Our beloved multi-billions Ringgit MRT project, now the MRT line is known as dark green line. Btw, this is the biggest possible map available from mymrt-underground dot com dot my.  

On another note, tt's interesting to see the JV company name: MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T) Sdn Bhd. We know that company bearing (M) stand for Malaysia but (T) ? 

Anyone can enlighten me on there "T" ? Can't be stand for Thailand right... 

Updates: 04/07/2012 

MMC GAMUDA KVMRT (T) SDN BHD explain inside here:  ! 

Monday, July 02, 2012

Bayu Sentul - Property launch 30/06 - 01/07/2012

Bayu Sentul is launch Saturday 30 June 2012.

I was on stock count, not able to visit, until yesterday evening after cycling, only available to visit the sale office. As usual i think, any new property launching is full with people. 

At the time we arrived about 4pm, Sunday, there's crowd inside sale office. The sales board stick with yellow stickers... Block B is almost fully book with some upper floor units. While Block A ( i believe have a better view which is facing KLCC ) only have lower floor units being booked, as upper floor were blocked out not open for booking. 

Hmmm... interesting scenario which i'm 1st time encounter. By the way, the starting prices are from RM469,000 and all the way up to RM700,000. It's best to see for yourselves, no point i mentions the details here. Seeing is believing. 

Kim Realty, Wisma Kim Realty, 82 Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 016-2181331/016-2268181

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