Wednesday, July 18, 2012

P2K Ipoh Rides 140712

I done it. Riding from PJ to Ipoh on 14th July 2012, Saturday covering distance of 210KM. 
I done it! What's surprised me was, my average speed were 34KM/Hr for the whole 210KM... 

PJ to Ipoh. Nothing is impossible! 

19 P2K cyclists ! 

At Rawang... 

At Serendah... 

Somewhere... on the way to Ipoh via trunk road. 

99KM to go till reaching Ipoh! 

Riding in peloton are awesome! Specially when you can follow the peloton for 170KM... 

Thank you P2K brothers and sister in leading the peloton. 

We had our first stop at Slim River where we cycled 100KM for breakfast aka lunch aka refills aka recharge. Had some nice mihun mee at chinese stall... It's were good peloton speed where no one was dropped. The speed were constant above 35KM/hr mostly flat. It's really feel good. 

As for myself, I'm a bit surprised as i'm just recover from fever sickness. For the past 1 week, i only cycled once RPM session on Thursday, that was not putting 100% effort into the RPM. It's was just testing my power, my feel post fever. Thank god, i'm fully recovered and feel in power. 

After the rest, we continue our cycling to Ipoh. Weather is getting hotter... The peloton continue speeding with constant speed above 35KM/hr. I start feeling it's getting harder as weather getting hotter, and my energy level not same as previous first 100KM. Following the group become harder and harder. One of cyclist had flat, we stopped at palm estate roadside rest... We were just 10KM away from Bidor and 20KM away from Tapah. 

If my memory served well, we arrived at Tapah Shell for another rest, that's clocked 170KM. Checked my Cateye meter, average speed were 35KM/hr. :) 

It's really hot! We continue our ride. We next stop, which reaching ipoh town, and we agreed Simpang Pulai Petronas would be our next stop or rather last stop before into Ipoh town. Some how, there's 1 cyclist already breakaway from peloton, far in front of us. There lead seem getting faster and faster. I'm trying hard to follow with peloton, the peloton speed were getting faster, starting with 30km/hr, then 35km/hr and then 40km/hr... I'm still able to follow, but it's getting harder for me yet the peloton speed were getting higher, at one point, it's breaking 45km/hr, that's when i'm dropped. 

Cursing.. Cursing like usual training when i'm get dropped. Where your all got your power pedaling for speed above 45km/hr after 170KM riding! Foreveralone cycling is normal for me when cycle with P2K. Without peloton's drafting help, my speed hardly hit 35km/hr. It's was just around 30KM/hr single effort. 

Counting KM... when, how far, how many more KM im reaching Simpang Pulai Petronas! 

Met back with the group at Simpang Pulai Petronas around 3pm. Then we cycled into Ipoh town together with "slow" speed. 

I done my PJ - Ipoh ride! Thank god. By the way, after the weekend rides, my weight dropped 2kg. wahaha! 



Adrenalyn Junkie said...

Greeting fellow rider,

First and foremost let me introduce myself, my name is Hakeim and I'm a novice rider which is base in Ipoh, Malaysia.

Currently, trying really hard to improve my speed and endurance.

Just out of curiosity, can you share your training regime or any Internet link that might help.

I shall wait your favourable reply.


vin_ann said...

Hi Hakeim,

Welcome to cycling.

There's no any structure training program that im following, but we ride hard and fast.

a simple google click, you can get a lot of training program.

Interval, speed work, long distance ride, hills ride. these are few common words that will appear in training program.

beside that, weight training also helps!

Enjoys! Cheers

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