Sunday, July 22, 2012

First McCafe in KL is open NOW - 22/07/2012

Remember my previous post which posted yesterday Saturday, the McCafe was not open yet. Even today, this morning 10am plus, it's still not open for business. 

21/07/2012 - Saturday - McCafe was not open for business yet. 

The view of McCafe in day time. 

Until just now, 9pm, the first McCafe in Kuala Lumpur is open for business which located at Jalan Pahang.  

McCafe is open for business! 

From the close for renovation turning into McCafe, McDonald's just spent less than 1 month to do it. During the renovation period, which were close for business, Jalan Pahang traffic were smoother than before even during peak hours and normal hours. 

With opening of new concept McCafe at Jalan Pahang, hope the drive through service turn around time will be improved and not causing jam along Jln Pahang toward Jln Gombak from Bulatan Pahang. 

Selamat Berpuasa. 

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Unknown said...

Oh, ic.. now I know, not just one McCafe, there's another one in Kota Damansara PJ

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