Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

On 26th September 2010, about 3,000 runners were baked and roasted under the hot sunshine sun! 

Before the run start. 

Omg.. where the guy go.. im the only male runner inside the photo! 
With my running gang! Weekday Peaceful Hill running group! 

Cari Runners! Yeah! 

Thanks Pui San for taking photo whole running... 

This was running up hill! Snapped by Tey Eng Tiong! Runner's favourite photographer! 

This was the 1st very step hill, managed to run all the way up with a smile when i spotted Tey at Top of the hill...

Attention seeker! "Tey...." 

Somehow, im feel excited when saw Tey snapping photos! Yeah.. i wanted to be snapped by him! 

Eh, there's another girl at behind who also trying to seek Tey attention! Too bad im infront of her... haha 

The photo snapped here were near to finishing point! its 3hrs 28mins! im been roasted for that long! 

Saw Tey again! Smile! Even being roasted for 3 hr 28mins... 

All photos were from Tey's facebook
Runners, go add him in Facebook and get to know him in real life! 

25km Men Open
RANKBib NoNAMESPLIT1 Time (9km)SPLIT2 Time (16km)Gun TimeChipTime
11420MARK WILLIAMS34:04.541:02:19.331:37:37.89 1:37:35.62

5441696TAN CHIN ANN11:08:29.322:05:37.173:29:57.35 3:28:13.40

6851519MUHAMMAD 1:13:45.152:25:27.724:21:14.67 4:20:37.31

Ha.. im almost falls into the last 20% runners

My Trusted Calculator

A video created using iMovie after working hours in office... haha...

Meng Kee Char Siew

Its was a rush breakfast together with Evelyn, Charlie, Patrick and Yogaretnam at Meng Kee Char Siew on Saturday morning. 

We ordered Wan Tan Mee char Siew and extra ordering Char Siew which have to order together with Chicken. 

The Meng Kee Char Siew are totally different from the Jalan Ampang Soo Kee.

Meng Kee is soft type while Soo Kee is hard type ! 

While Meng Kee have the lesser chacoal roasted area while Soo Kee is damm lots of chacoal roasted area. 
Actually its bad for health but then, when you put the Char Siew in your mouth... feel like on top of world 

Enjoy the Meng Kee Char Siew

26 September 2010

On 26th September 2010, most of the seasons runners were heading to Bandar Kinrara in the early morning as early as 5.00am. Im only of them.

We were at Bandar Kinrara to join Newton 25km run 2010! Its was the most challenge route ever in Klang Valley. Its either going up hill or down hill! FML.. and worse, the weather so nice to us, its dam hot and sunshine! Report are kambing later on the 25km run!

Back at home, rest... but my mind keep thinking of my naked iPhone4. So i went to One Utama Apple Reseller store to find simple bumper while waiting for my Vapor casing. Too bad, none of them were suits my need.

Then, CharlieChia tweeted me and invited me to go DiGi iPhone4 launch event where there's have bumper for sale! Yeah... without second thought, i went to Quill 9 The DiGi iPhone4 launch event!

The video clips were all about DiGi iPhone4 launch event!

Thanks CharlieChia. My Green iPhone is protected by yellow-man! =.=''

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 September 2010

My virgin video was born! The video below was created using iMovie for iPhone.

The video is about the important event which im enjoyed the most! 1st starting with Nike running training which at Pavilion, followed by Pork Burger challenge and lastly visit to Royal Selangor Pweter.

On 25th September, after the stroke of 00:00, my number 3007 was called and 15mins later, im the official Maxis 1st to launch iPhone4 owner.

At 0600 i wake up for the preparation to Nike training run which start at 8.30am.

At 1300, Im together with many others having the Pork burger challenge at Euro Deli!

At 1530, Im was so full that i need some walking and im on my way back home either sleep or can not sleep due to too full. Suddwnly Royal Selangor Pewter strike through my mind!

That's what's shown in the video! Im enjoyed 25th September 2010!

Nike RunClub KL @ Pavilion

I joined Nike RunClub KL for 5km run @ Pavilion on 25 September 2010 8.30am morning session.

With me were CharlieChia, Evelyn and Yogaternam.  

 Nike store Pavilion branch 

Yes, we get the chance to try the latest Lunar shoe model Nike LunarGilde+2
Just a comparison of my Saucony Triumph 6 Vs Nike LunarGlide+2... 

 Safety briefing by pretty girl 
You're all should come join the running session ! 

 Heading to main entrance of Pavilion to start out run. 

 Run pass Jln Alor 

 Running through Changkat Raja Chulan

 KL Tower 

 *Blek* Superman is behind me! 

Cooling down with stretching 

Group Photo... 


iPhone 4 16GB to let go.

Details:  Visit Low Yat Forum Garage Sales - iPhone 4 16GB, contract free, immediate COD

Thank you. 

Project 365 - #53

Project 365 - #53

Confusion happened when you never pay attention

Monday, September 27, 2010

Project 365 - #52

Project 365 - #52

The beautiful are temporary. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

iPhone 4 by DiGi

In my previous entry on DiGi is introducing iPhone 4....

Today is the launching day! DiGi launch their iPhone 4 media launch and also the next photo! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

#Porkburgerchallenge @ Euro Deli

Details of Tweetup challenge.  

Some preview of our coming #porkburgerchallenge on 25 September 2010, 12.00pm at Euro Deli at Jln Yap Kwan Seng, or rather behind Old Town Kopitiam. 

Night view of Euro Deli... 
Photo credit to

The actual 6 inch height and 9 inch wide Pork Burger! 
Photo from random google.

Come and support me! See you. 

Nike Runclub KL

I never noticed there's a Nike Runclub KL.. until im really pay my attention to the leaflet below.

Train with NIKE latest shoe! yeah... im going to try it... 

Seems Nike only limits 20 person per session. Book your session now! 
Too bad, im only available to join on weekend session. 
25 September 2010 will be my 1st session with NIKE. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Happy mid-autumn festival 
Happy Mooncake festival
Happy Tanglung festival 
Happy lantern festival 

Runnerz Circle @ Kswiss

Project 365 - #52

Project 365 - #52 

Tanglung Festival which attended by our Dato Ng Yen Yen took place at Central Market. 
Never realised Bumidaya complex's outlook are beautiful! 

Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Coming 26 September 2010, most of the runners in Klang Valley, some are coming from outstation is going to challenge the Newton 25km / 12km which route reported very hilly! Yes, very long and uphill...

Im also one of the participates runner on this run!
The day before the run, i will be loaded with #porkburgerchallenge! Hope that im still able to run with my fully loaded pork burger! hehe 

.Bib collection day on Saturday.

Just a tent, simple! 

Not many runners are collection their bib on Saturday evening. hehe... 

The list of runners on wall of fame! Perhaps i can stalk @ahlost there... err but i dun know her full name... 

Can you able to spot my name? hehe 

Total runners only 2,535! 

Newton shoe! The efficient running shoe. One day i might get 1. But it cost RM500++ which is out of my budget RM300. sob sob. 

Guess what this.. its 2XU... click the link to find out more about 2XU. 

2XU with R for right and L for Left. 

Its 2XU compression sock which help improves the blood circulation of your calf muscle and this will reduce your leg sore-ness and you able to run longer distance or faster! 
err... the sock sexy right? haha... 
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