Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4 Apples Kambing on 24.09.10 by DiGi

4 Apples Kambing on 24.09.10 by DiGi

Can not denied already! DiGi always the creative one!

4 Apples is kambing on 24.09.10 by Digi translate into " DiGi iPhone 4 is coming on 24.09.10.

A minutes ago, my tomato source said to me: ""DiGi iPhone4 plan will surely be better than what has been release (Maxis released their iPhone4 plan on 20.09.10 morning). DiGi will be launch earlier too.""

Ha.. Let's be patiently wait and proof the tomato source is valid and its not an expired sour tomato source. !


Dreamie, Wai Mun. said...

oo creative HAHAHA ...

ahlost said...

Oooo. Didn't know DiGi will come out with iPhone4 so much earlier than expected :x

Let's wait and see what can they do :)

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