Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 September 2010

My virgin video was born! The video below was created using iMovie for iPhone.

The video is about the important event which im enjoyed the most! 1st starting with Nike running training which at Pavilion, followed by Pork Burger challenge and lastly visit to Royal Selangor Pweter.

On 25th September, after the stroke of 00:00, my number 3007 was called and 15mins later, im the official Maxis 1st to launch iPhone4 owner.

At 0600 i wake up for the preparation to Nike training run which start at 8.30am.

At 1300, Im together with many others having the Pork burger challenge at Euro Deli!

At 1530, Im was so full that i need some walking and im on my way back home either sleep or can not sleep due to too full. Suddwnly Royal Selangor Pewter strike through my mind!

That's what's shown in the video! Im enjoyed 25th September 2010!


Eric said...

ehhh TAKE LAH VIDEO!!! why u put still pics in ur VIDEO file??? hehehe LOL

vin_ann said...

Exploring the iPhone ma...
step by step 1st...

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