Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

On 26th September 2010, about 3,000 runners were baked and roasted under the hot sunshine sun! 

Before the run start. 

Omg.. where the guy go.. im the only male runner inside the photo! 
With my running gang! Weekday Peaceful Hill running group! 

Cari Runners! Yeah! 

Thanks Pui San for taking photo whole running... 

This was running up hill! Snapped by Tey Eng Tiong! Runner's favourite photographer! 

This was the 1st very step hill, managed to run all the way up with a smile when i spotted Tey at Top of the hill...

Attention seeker! "Tey...." 

Somehow, im feel excited when saw Tey snapping photos! Yeah.. i wanted to be snapped by him! 

Eh, there's another girl at behind who also trying to seek Tey attention! Too bad im infront of her... haha 

The photo snapped here were near to finishing point! its 3hrs 28mins! im been roasted for that long! 

Saw Tey again! Smile! Even being roasted for 3 hr 28mins... 

All photos were from Tey's facebook
Runners, go add him in Facebook and get to know him in real life! 

25km Men Open
RANKBib NoNAMESPLIT1 Time (9km)SPLIT2 Time (16km)Gun TimeChipTime
11420MARK WILLIAMS34:04.541:02:19.331:37:37.89 1:37:35.62

5441696TAN CHIN ANN11:08:29.322:05:37.173:29:57.35 3:28:13.40

6851519MUHAMMAD 1:13:45.152:25:27.724:21:14.67 4:20:37.31

Ha.. im almost falls into the last 20% runners

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ahlost said...

1696 !!!

HAHAHAHA.. we were so close yet so far.. huhuhu..

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