Monday, September 06, 2010

Kinrara Residence by Mah Sing

Yesterday (5 September 2010, Sunday) , together with The No1 Home+Lifestyle Malaysia facebook gang, we went to visit Kinrara Residence by Mah Sing which located at Bandar Kinrara. 

You can judge by the number of shoes at the entrance! How hot is the sales at Mah Sing temporary sales office.

Btw, can you spot my K-Siwss running shoe? haha... 

Location of the Kinrara Residence sales office. 

The master plan on the Kinrara Residence. 

2 storey link house which located at Phase 2B were SOLD out on Saturday.. only left Bumi Lot. 

2.5 storey link house also SOLD out same time with 2 storey! Only Bumi Lot available. 

3 Storey link house, still available at the time of visit as of yesterday evening and there's a huge crowd inquiry on the property. 

ops.. here come the catalog. 

its 2.5 storey link house model on display at the sales office. 

FYI, only 2.5 and 3 storey link houses model being displayed. Wonder where's the 2 storey link house model... 

The 3 Storey link House! 

Full view of 3 storey link house! 

We were told that. the 3 storey link house starting price were RM888,000. 

ok, the proof the photo above on the shoes, now im showing the crowd! Borrowing photos from  or you can find us at The No1 Home+Lifestyle Malaysia facebook You's welcome to join us. 

The shoes are REAL! haha... You cant spot me inside the photo... 

Ok, lastly, we touring / lepak-ing around the area... 

Mah Sing already clearing the land... 

I was wondering why the above property were selling like hot cakes? 

Is it because of its a Landed property? 
Is it because of the reputation of property developer? 
Is it because of the strong demand? 
Is it because of the location? 
Is it because . . . . endless "question mark" playing in head... 

Still have a long way to learn about property and its never too late to start learn now. 

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