Thursday, September 02, 2010

DBKL - Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur

On one of the Saturday, i thinks should be 2 weeks back 21 August 2010, i went to DBKL ( Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) to pay my summon! The summon which summoned to me during PC Fair on 7 / 8 August 2010! Grrrrr...

Let's tour the DBKL.. and explore DBKL.. and i want tell the story through my photos! 1 picture tell thousand words.

)(*&^%$#@! i missed the entrance at DBKL and i have to make 1 round to re-enter DBKL. 

Its Merdeka month! 

Water fountain when its on. 

I love the trees there! Each time passby i will enjoy the view! 

Finally, i can take photo of my favorite tree! Its beautiful. 

Its nice! 

This public toilet hidden behind the DBKL building and its cost 20 cents per visit! 

Guess what, DBKL building did not have public parking! You have to park your car about 100-200 meters away! 

This is my 1st time really looks into real close the logo of DBKL! Tiger with mouth open signify what? Power, Enforcement, Fearful (or rather respectful) ! But hey, in reality, is DBKL that's Power, Enforcement, Fearful (or rather respectful)
You be your own judge.   

This photo taken on Saturday morning. Im coming here to pay my parking summon! 
Guess what i saw at DBKL building! GRRRRRR... 

The same apply on this photo! 

Got to know, DBKL offer "Drive Through" counter! 

This is the nearest parking to DBKL building! which is just beside the Station LRT Bandaraya. 

Expensive parking! Guess its a prime land parking! 

I paid my 50% discounted parking summon for RM50.00 which within 14 days. FML... 
No negotiation on further discount. 

Just hope in future, i wont have to visit DBKL building again! If you see me post another entry on DBKL, you know i got parking summon again! 

FYI, this is my second time visiting DBKL building. 1st time was a long long time when im was in college. I got a motor parking summon! 

Im been follow the rules all these years... im a good citizen yet the authority did not show us as role model! How you could expect people to respect you! 


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CLF said...

got one during my days in TARC but heck I just ignore it lol. but lately heard those nasty DBKL started to toll cars there.

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