Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Newton 25km / 12km Challenge Kuala Lumpur

Coming 26 September 2010, most of the runners in Klang Valley, some are coming from outstation is going to challenge the Newton 25km / 12km which route reported very hilly! Yes, very long and uphill...

Im also one of the participates runner on this run!
The day before the run, i will be loaded with #porkburgerchallenge! Hope that im still able to run with my fully loaded pork burger! hehe 

.Bib collection day on Saturday.

Just a tent, simple! 

Not many runners are collection their bib on Saturday evening. hehe... 

The list of runners on wall of fame! Perhaps i can stalk @ahlost there... err but i dun know her full name... 

Can you able to spot my name? hehe 

Total runners only 2,535! 

Newton shoe! The efficient running shoe. One day i might get 1. But it cost RM500++ which is out of my budget RM300. sob sob. 

Guess what this.. its 2XU... click the link to find out more about 2XU. 

2XU with R for right and L for Left. 

Its 2XU compression sock which help improves the blood circulation of your calf muscle and this will reduce your leg sore-ness and you able to run longer distance or faster! 
err... the sock sexy right? haha... 

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