Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maxis Vs DiGi iPhone4 launch.

Rumors... Rumors...  that Maxis going to launch on 24 September 2010 at the stroke of 00:00 at The Garden.

As for the pricing source from Malaysian Wireless its said

iPhone4 16GB = RM2,290 (if buy from SG, im just need add additional of RM120 to get 32GB le (SGD$1,048 @ RM2.30 = RM2,410 ! ! ! )

iPhone4 32GB = RM2,690


As for the DiGi, it is also rumors that they going to beat the Maxis and venue for the launch might be around one of the Petaling Jaya's Mall since Maxis chosen KL's mall for launch. Just wait and see.

Suddenly something pop-up in mind. Like recent launch of Singapore and Taiwan's iPhone4, i noticed their launching event were at the convention hall. Yes, convention hall...

If DiGi able to launch iPhone4 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), its really a big blow to Maxis! haha... DiGi launching iPhone4 at KLCC, Maxis headquarter! Plus its also very convenience to public to come to KLCC...

As for the pricing, according my "tomato source" its also same as Maxis's RRP price above.

But hey, now everyone is waiting for Maxis and DiGi pricing plan for the contract.

I can said, 7 out of 10 of my friends like DiGi despite weak DiGi's signal compared to Maxis. But Why?
DiGi got the best plan i guess... while Maxis got the worse plan.

Sigh.. i feel heart breaking. Im with Maxis been ages. I wanted to stay with Maxis, yet their plan are not so attractive! Wish this round maxis have a better plan!

Maxis can not be forever beaten by DiGi, im right, Maxis?


Connie Lam said...

if buy from SG is real cheap! i wish to buy one too haha

Anonymous said...

No doubt about Digi has better plan but the phone price is expensive. I will opt for Maxis 12 mths contract and switch back to Digi one year later. lol

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