Friday, September 10, 2010

Flood at Bukit Tunku - Tijani 2

On Wednesday 8 September 2010.

Its ware heavy rain and i was driving passby Bukit Tunku heading to Jalan Duta. To my surprised, its were muddy flood on the road which the mud coming from Jalan Tunku hill...

Im turning from Jalan Tunku into Jalan Langgak Tunku and its a downhill... you can see the photo below, the mud water flooding down hill...

I believe the raining were at the maximum rate. Its scare! 

Scary Jalan Langgak Tunku! its flood with yellow mud! 

I thought its would be 1 scratch only but im wrong. its was the whole part of jalan Langgak Tunku! 

Damm.. its still a long way to brace through the flood! im started to feel worry! 

The flood journey continue! I have the nut to brace through as im confidence that the water level still bearable as im always running the road here. Its still not far from the high land! The high land is in front after the Tijani 2 entrance! 

The flood until the Tijani 2 North entrance where its the most serious! 
i did not have any photo nearby the Tijini entrance, as im worrying about whether my vivi able to brace the flood and survive or not... 

If you noticed, Tijani 2 entrance nearby have a drains. Its where all the flood water flooding into the road, and its so happened that the entrance of the Tijani 2 are at the lowest! 

This river is nearby the Hoki Stadium, just before crossing it... 
Its all yellowish muddy color! 

Its the cost of development that god want to remind us before something serious happen. 

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