Friday, September 10, 2010

NEWTON Pacemakers 6th Anniversary Run 2010

On 29 th August 2010.  Der Pacemekers have successfully organised 6th Anniversary Run 2010 at Kepong Metropolitan Park. Congras.

Thanks to winnie, she managed to gather a team of four for the Ultra Runners 6.

Team Ultra Runner 6 - Joyce, me, Vijay and Eugene

Photo from runwitme on the starting line. 

Thanks Jessy for the photo. 
Its just starting, i still can smile, push push push... i have 3.2km to run only! 

Never know Kepong Metropolitan Park got such a nice view! 

Im loving this photo! Thanks Jeff for taking this photo using his iPhone... 

Its near to finishing point, i have about 1 km to run! Thanks you Tey. Its another favourite photo taken by you! 

Photo taken from Thank you! 

Thank you Tey Eng Tiong. His passion and his support on taking photo on runners! 

Another team photo after run. 

Rank #30 - Ultra Runner 6
23.26 > 23.26 - Joyce 
20.43 > 44.09 - Chin Ann
15.15 > 59.24 - Vijayan
17.24 > 76.48 - Eugene

Official result taken from PM1. We ranked 30th out of 44 team... 

Ultra Runner Team 1 to 6 group photo. 
Among us, mostly are Ultra-man (Ultra-marathon 84km)
 certified, while im just a Ultra-man wannabe... 
Perhaps 2011 will be the year i be Ultra-man certified.   

Beside Ultra runners, not forgetting Cari Runners! Ya....  Cam-whoring time! 




Syok sendiri with the finishing medal! hehe 

At finishing point.! 

Although its just a 3.2km x 4 relay, im enjoyed. I pushed my heartrate to the maximum... i sprint as fast as i can... 

Im love it! 

Updated: Forget to mention: 

Congras to Pacemakers again! 

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