Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chocolate Durian - Plaza Damansara

Recently i was introduced by colleague on this chocolate durian which he brought from Just Heavenly's Pleasure @ Plaza Damansara.

I asked the direction and went to try it on Saturday.

Its only for take away. no dine in. 

3rd top selling dessert. 

So tempted. 

2nd top selling dessert. 

Customised birthday cake

Nice one. 

Ok, im out of the topic, now i present the chocolate durian! 
On Saturday, the shop only have 8 chocolate durians available. 

I take away 1 chocolate durian and quickly went back to home and enjoy it! 

Side view of the chocolate durian! Can't wait to start eating ! 

Its just durian and chocolate!!! 

Location: You found Chef & Brew at Plaza Damansara, You found Just Heavenly, you found Chocolate durian. 


Zachhh said...

the description, "Its just durian and chocolate!!!" is sweet enough for me.. both are my best love!!

Puisan said...

OMG....I think I'm falling in love with this place!
how do i get there?

vin_ann said...

Do you know where's Plaza Damansara is?

oh yeah, u know Malakoff Route? From Science centre, going up and go straight up after the traffic light and you will see Chef & Brew on ur right.

Connie Lam said...

choc and cheese nice~ i tried before :)

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