Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Standard Chartered KL Marathon

Event: Standard Chartered KL MArathon
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Date: 27 June 2010
Time: 5.00am
Distance: 42.195KM
Shoe: Kswiss Kno
By vin_ann

Coming Soon. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

SCKLM - Bib collection

24 June 2010, Thursday.

Its bib collection day!

i was told by Tey, that most of his oversea Singaporean runner friends did not know where is the Stadium Titiwangsa located! On top of that, the stadium is not accessible by any public transport! 

Tey really give 1 good example of location, that is Cheras Badminton Stadium, where it accessible by LRT, come out at Tmn Maluri Star LRT and its walking distance to the Cheras Badminton Stadium. Its really a good choice. Guess, the organiser have their own good reason for choosing the Stadium Titiwangsa. 

Anyways, Stadium Titiwangsa is good for me. haha... its so near to me... hehe 

Wow, i like this feel... its make me feel like im collecting my race bib in Singapore. Air-cond, systematic and its fast too! Yeah... 

Wear my Vibram FiveFingers during the bib collection. hehe... 

Entrance to my 5th marathon bib collection! 

445? who is that? Tey was helping 445 runner to get his bib. Tey said, 445 runner is sub-4 runner... so we all take turn to took photo with "445" 
One day, i shall run sub-4 too! Perhaps 3hrs 59mins. 

Great job SCKLM. This is a very good beginning! Im looking forward to my 1st marathon in my home city and my 5th marathon to-date! 
Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon here i come! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New iPhone 4

New iPhone 4 Arrived 2 Days Early! Get a Sneak Peek. by kevcarm101 



Quik2Go , Quick 2 Go by Touch 'N Go

Updates.... updates... on yesterday entry Quik2Go , Quick 2 Go

Finally i got the call from Touch 'N Go Careline... Guess what.. 1st time it ring for 2 rings and cut off...

Few second later, TnG Careline called again.

For the 1st time, im feel so frustrated. The tone by the Customer Service was rude! basically, they call in and to inform and acknowledgment on  my complaints which i lodged on Saturday! They admit there's an error and they going to refund me the RM100.00 but its going to take 2-4 weeks time...

Oh shit, what the fuck you Touch 'N Go, charge me so easily and now your side got error and going to take ages to refund me! Will you refund me with INTEREST ? ? Will you?

No more Quik2Go.. its an failure project between CIMB and Touch 'N Go... both parties never looks into serious on the project! Wasted my $$$, my effort, my time spent....

No more CIMB n Touch 'N Go....

If im into it, Zing Card by Hong Leong bank and Maybank would be my choices! No more CIMB and Touch 'N Go these 2 combination!

My RM100.00 is hanging inside with Touch 'N Go.. Let's waits and see how long they would refund me!
Fuck You Touch 'N Go....

P/s: I cant believed that for 1st time, im using such word here without second thought... this show CIMB and Touch 'N Go Quik2Go project really psssst me off...

Quik2Go , Quick 2 Go

On Saturday, 19 June 2010, im giving Quik2Go Touch N Go a second chance after my 1st attempt back in March 2010.

I thought , i expect, the Quik2Go services will improve over the last 3 months and im testing my internet speed on that movement was good and only i dare to try to reload my TouchNGo card with Quik2Go services. 

Here begins of a series of process and photos.
Checking my card status:

Testing the card reader

Pressed submit and its took about few second to read the card.

I still have balance of RM7.10

Reload history.. which i 1st reload 3 months back 

Ok, now i got confidence to begin my Touch n Go reload via Quik2Go.. before that, i do make sure my internet was normal! 

Reading the card again.... 

Only 1 credit card bank can reload which is CIMB and only RM100.00 available 

Key in your credit card number and all the details in below....

After keyed all the detail, clicked submit and its show " Initialize Transaction in progress"

Then the message changed to "Processing secure fund in progress..."

Then i guess the website is directed to Direct Access CIMB for Mastercard SecureCode verifiy where i have to key in my personal message... 

Yes, im right, its loading...MasterCard SecureCode
After loading, i keyed in my personal message. for this screen, i did not print screen...
After tht, i press to continue and guess what..... 

oh shit, i was surprised by this website! Omg.. i feel helpless...i wanna RAGE...Since its showing this kind of message, i was hoping that the transaction did not went through! I was hoping! i Hope... 
So, i called the Direct Access Customer service... and check... to my surprise again, OMG...
my RM100.00 is being charged! 
Its went through yet showing this kind of message! 

Knowing that my card being charged RM100.. hope that Quik2Go system able to show the reload.. so i quickly go checks my card status... 

Checking at Reload history for today and its show NO DATA.. im sad and disappointing!

Knowing the Direct Access Customer Service is helpless nothing can offer to help me, i called Touch N Go Customer service to lodge a complaint and ask them to check!

Its Saturday noon, how many people would be calling TouchNGo customer service, i thinks it should be less people! I choose ENGLISH and the line being get cut while waiting! WTF WTF... i tried twice, twice also the same! 

Frus up, then i choose MALAY language, guess what, immediately got people answer my call...

The customer service asked me to click on RELOAD RECOVERY and its show no transaction. WTF...
The CS took down my card serial number and said they will revert in 2 working days... which im expected. LAZY Technical TEAM of Touch n Go!

Today is Tuesday, i did not received any call from Touch N Go.. so How now Touch N Go ? Where is my RM100 gone to? I want my money back!

Food for thought : in this scenario, who should i blame? 

CIMB for not being helpful enough? CIMB just playing "tai-chi" pushing the problems to TouchNGo... I remember long long time ago, when im purchase a reload card via Maybank2u.com.my and the transaction was not went through yet my money being deducted. I called the customer service and complaint, and they eventually reverted back to me in promised time.

While TouchNGo Customer service are not performing up to standard as set by themselves.. 2 working days to settle customer problem also failed to achieve!

TouchNGo, being the only, monopoly the market segment in whole Malaysia yet fail to perform in this case CIMB Quik2Go.. Sad Sad. its just sad... 

While on other hand, my twitter friend MX510 said his Maybank TouchNGo Zing card are doing fine!

Conclusion: You know I know who should I blame to...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 is going to be held on 27 June 2010 Sunday.

I was reading Jamie's blog entry on: I Want to Suffer this morning and its inspired me to write on this entry a little different from what im expected to write.

In 1 week time, im going to run my 5th marathon to-date, 4th marathon this year and 1st marathon which start in the morning this year. All my previous 3 marathons were night marathons.

SCKLM is going to be another game plan.

Previously, i thought of want to target sub-5, to test on something after 6 months apart. But during the weekend, when meet up with sifu and others, i found that, marathon is not about yourself. Your timing. Our running group have quite a numbers of Virgin marathoners.

Sifu was busy giving advice to 1st timer and volunteer be their 6 hours pacer and make sure they are really complete the 42.195km marathon and feel proud of Virgin marathon and the rest are history!

Just like what sifu gave me advice last year on Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.. where i managed to hit my sub-5 target! Since then, im just complete my marathon 1 after another 1...

So, if nothing special happening, i would run together with sifu and we all aim for completion 5hours 55mins 55 second... hmmm nice number too...

Basically im mentally prepared and this week is crucial week. i can not simply eat and i have to eat a lots of fruits and vegetables.

Argh.. im still unable to imaging how the feel of running along KL city... with a lots of cars going to be block for access, lining up and cheering for us (in form of HONKING)

Learning from previous 3 marathons, i will be changes some of my strategic. Previously, i was eating GU Gel and i was cramped in 2 marathons, and 1 marathon i have a lots of raisin which i thinks its helped me a lots to prevent cramp.

This round, i would revert back to Power Gel.. 2X Caffeine Power Gel.. which were consumed by me during SCSM where i hit my sub-5 target! Btw, i got a new shoe! Kswiss K-Ona. Im going to wear it for coming SCKLM.

SCKLM... we are prepared. we are prepared to suffer and going to complete it in fun!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers Bikila

Vibram 5Fingers Bikila 

Finally, i got Vibram FiveFingers Bikila shoe from Singapore when i was in Singapore for Sundown Marathon not long ago. Vibram FiveFingers are not available in Malaysia, its really disappointed. 

Im now official going to be a barefoot runner. Its going to take some time for me to be a full time barefoot runner. For now, i need to do it slowly... have to awake my dormant legs muscle... and run even faster... 

Guess, im going to do it full force after my SCKLM full marathon. I got 4 months time of training for me to convert into barefoot running for my next marathon on October... 

Anyways, i likes my Vibram FiveFingers Bikila! Im loving it...

Updated on 21 Aug 2010:

On the picture, thank you Su Mei for the posting.
On the picture, updated and bigger photo with my watermark.

Thank you. 

Happy Dumpling Day


Happy Dumpling Day...

Happy Dragon Boat day...

Have the RM3.50 Bak Chang brought from Pasar this morning. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wall of Fame

Setapak - Wall of Fame

For the past 1 month plus, i was looking for housemate for my master / medium room. i been pasting Room to Let notice to "wall of fame" where its a very good channel to get tenants for my master / medium room. 

The pasting activities have to do it on daily basis and its up me to decide which target market i want to target and its all about timing.

Some of the day, whenever i pasted my notice on the Wall of Fame, i do get calls within 1 hours... its show the Wall are a well known channel to TARCian here and some working class people...

Besides students, i do got calls from foreign workers too... im just giving excuses that my housemate prefer Chinese.. haha... tai chi abit....

Wall of Fame from far...

Wall of Fame from near. 

TM nut terminal also a target.

Never let go any good opportunity

the DBKL parking kiosk also...

This is ugly...

lastly.. help on the LOST cute cute dog...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 Route Tour Video

Thanks to runwitme, now i know how and what's im going to face when im running 42km for my SCKLM coming 27 June 2010!

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Route from Arif Sanchez on Vimeo.

Alert: To all KL motorist / car drivers you're warmed! on 27 June 2010, starting from 4.30am, roads in KL will be closed for stages for the SCKLM! Marathon runners are the king of the road for few hours in the KL city centre... so i can expect those im-patient drivers to HONK us, gives us support... thank you.

Mind: This year, its going to be my 1st year, my 1st time of running full marathon 42km around KL city centre. i should be feel happy because i get the chances to run in my city! Hope this year the SCKLM organiser would do a great job as previously i was advised / told that SCMS are the best ground for 1st timer newbie to experience the marathon! I believe, SCKLM can change the people perception!

SCKLM, you going to be another new ground for newbie to run their 1st ever full marathon!

 This is my home ground, i should be able to run better right?

So a sub-5 hours target should be no problem, right?

This SCKLM, sub-5 is my aim...

My second sub-5 marathons... Here i come!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainbow @ 11 June 2010

Its Friday, suppose to be in Friday mood and rushing back home... but, i can not, i have to just stay abit longer to waits until the BMD market closed and got the call from boss and only officially finished work.

Lucky, everything was smooth... its was raining outside...

Walked to car park.. Guess what.... im just loving it...

 you can see its sunshine and raining... perfect condition for rainbow!

Wow.. rainbow is on top of Eon Bank... is it the god is signaling some good news for Eon Bank?

hmmm... the quality of the pictures were limits by my hp camera spec... which is just 2Mega Pixel....

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010

Its another year for SCSM - Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon which im used to thinks since last year keep using the SCSM...

The SCSM have their own new Facebook SCMS account created and im wondering why they did not use back the old facebook SCSM?  i never bother about it and im just register.. its my 2nd SCSM...

When i read about entry by runwitme on The all New Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 realised i was wrong all the time...

its now SCMS.....

Anyways, i registered 42.195km.

SCMS will be mark my 1st year anniversary of running marathon.
SCMS will be my 2nd attempt to run in Singapore.
SCMS will be my 2nd attempt to achieve my 2nd sub-5 target.
SCMS will be my 7th marathon to-date.  
SCMS will be 1 year 1 month running without you being around.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 annouced this morning Malaysian time 1.00am. 





Sunday, June 06, 2010


Bike Project

I got this bike from my uncle. Its been long long time i did not cycle it and its have become a little bit run down.

This is going to cost and take some time to get it fix in KL...

The bicycle shop in hometown never put serious attention to the bike when i was taken it for fixing...

As for as im aware, i might be facing some difficulties on finding the spare parts if it need to be replace as the technology for bike have evolved a lots for past 10 - 20 years... This is the advise given by the boss of bike shop which newly open opposite Wangsa Walk... JBS Bike shop....

Looks at those pictures... feel so painful... Going to do bike survey whenever free on weekend....
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