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Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010

Event: Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010
Venue: Singapore
Date: 29 May 2010
Time: 11.59pm
Distance: 42.195KM
By vin_ann

This is my 1st ever Sundown marathon in Singapore and also 2nd marathon in Singapore after the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon on Dec 2009. 

The unique of this marathon is the full marathon is starting at 11.59pm, while the 84km Ultra-marathon start at 6.00pm with cut of time of 15 hours, which mean will be ending the next morning 9.00am. 

For the 1st time, in Singapore, i feel the logistic done by the organizer suck! They even postponed starting time or allowed 10km and 21km category to start at 11.59pm and worse, they even suggest runners please go home if you feel not going to venture the 10km or 21km which start at 11.59pm! 

ok, back to my marathon. We were early, we reached at Pasir Ras MRT at 9.15pm and its long Q lining up waiting for Chartered bus. We were told that there are only 2-3 chartered bus serving at the movement and other 10 buses will be only start serving at 10.00pm. Immediately we were linked up and compared this experience with Energizer Night Race back at KL, which they done a every good good on transporting runners from car park to the race venue in Cyberjaya! 

ha.. not yet start the marathon, facing some minor minor problems, but this is not going to let us down... 
 Taken by my Cari Runners before the race

Got our bib number and vest on the spot and we wear it. Waiting time to start the marathon... --> 11.59pm. 

At 11.59pm, our 42km marathon was started. 

For this marathon i wear my newly brought short Zensah compression tight instead of wearing my long 2XU compression tight. Just to test it out.. see whether my legs are going to get cramp or not...Beside that, my watch just dead just before the race, so i decided not to wear my watch, its going to be an easy marathon, without timing pressure... just run for completion...

For the starting, i was started with my usual turtle speed... i know im did not do a proper warm up, thus i have to run slower to get my legs warm up... and as usual, the 1st few km my legs were warming up and calf pain... 

Distance marker: 1 km  
Just starting my engine, feel ok... but i can feel the crowd and its hot.

Distance marker: 2 km  
My legs started to feel pain on calf... under-warm up... now running with pain to warm up my legs... im feeling like im slowing down and others were just adding on their speed. Oh.. so fast got water station... just have 1 cup to keep hydrate.

Distance marker: 3 km 
Running along the Changi Airport track...still have a lots of runners overtake me... :(     

Distance marker: 4 km   
Legs were getting better, pain is almost gone and its time to add on some speed... Still running beside the Changi Airport track... 

Distance marker: 5 km  
I cant benchmark my speed with timing as i did not wear my watch... 

Distance marker: 6 km   
Saw someone who run consistent with some great speed, so i decided to follow that person. 

Distance marker: 7 km
Great pacing with that person (my pacer), i feel good on the run.  

Distance marker: 8 km
Sometime i spend my time walking during water station and my pacer just quick grad a drink and continue to run... i have to works extra hard to catch up my pacer and follow. 

Distance marker: 9 km
Suddenly i saw 6-hours pacer in front of me and we were overtake him... Woot... i feel so happy... i continue to pace with my pacer... i overtake my pacer and slow down let my pacer overtake me back... and i follow back my pacer...

Distance marker: 10 km
Still pacing with my pacer. But somehow, i feel my stomach was cramp! oh shit, wtf... something going on inside my stomach, possible my GU gel that i consume and its being mixed with 100 plus... bad combination! i should have avoided it. wtf wtf... 

Distance marker: 11 km 
Somehow i feel its getting touch to follow my pacer. Stomach is protesting...   

Distance marker: 12 km 
Water station... this round i took a little bit longer time for the water and walking for a while and my pacer is missing in the crowd. oh shit...  trying to chase but i cant see my pacer... 

Distance marker: 13 km  
This is not a very good sign. Now i got no 1 to pace with. Yet im trying hard to chase my pacer back.. but still unsuccessful. 

Distance marker: 14 km 
I still not yet give up. Im chasing back my pacer.

Distance marker: 15 km 
Continue my effort to find back my pacer. But still not successful. Im getting depression and feel my motivation level is getting lower... 

Distance marker: 16 km 
Now im cursing myself, why you never train so hard to keep up! WTF... Where's the old Chin Ann who managed to run his 1st sub-5 marathon last Dec. oh my god, this is no good... i have to change my strategic and have different mind set. 

Distance marker: 17 km 
No more my pacer. Im running my own marathon!  I run whenever i got mood, i walk whenever i like and i stop whenever i feel i wanted to stop! With this, i run walk, walk run.. run run walk walk... 

Distance marker: 18 km 
Without my watch, i got nothing to benchmark against with. i dont know i walk how many minutes before i start run back or i run for how many minutes then walking.  Just run, walk... 

Distance marker: 19 km
Im trying to get another pacer... but its either they too fast or too slow... and worse, the 6hours pacer was flying and passing me while im walking... 

Distance marker: 20 km 
While im walking and running like turlte, a lot of thinking being done inside mind... just to keep my mind busy and keep the body and legs running... 

Distance marker: 21 km
Running along East Coastal Park... saw a lots of people were party-ing... and BBQ... had my another GU gel and applied Counter Pain on my legs... just to keep me feel burning on legs and keep me running, i hope its helping! 
 Oh my, i used 3hrs 1 mins to cross 21km mark. this is my worse ever timing for 21km... No wonder i lost my pacer.

Distance marker: 22 km
Its U-turn turning point... its feel good when i know im already half way... another 20km to go... i can see a lots of supporters... were offering food... sweet, jelly bean... and some others more... 

Distance marker:  23 km 
At this point, im walking more than running... Argh... i guess now was about 2 - 3am... Imaging running at this weeee hours.... my mind and body tend to wear out... they were protesting... They wanted to rest and sleep... 

Distance marker: 24 km 
Getting tiring, the GU gel effect is almost gone... im feel so sleepy... 

Distance marker: 25 km 
Even more walking than running.. guess im walking 1 km and run for few hundreds meters before i walking again... 

Distance marker: 26 km
I cant believed myself. When im walking, my eye dropped and close for 1-2 second.. and im de-rails for second... WTF... im so sleepy... trying to keep myself awake.. but its so hard... 

Distance marker: 27 km
Im continue my zombie walking style... eye keep closing... WTF... 

Distance marker: 28 km
Im decided to have my raisin which i packed along with. Having some solid food is helping! my Raisin keep me stay awake and my stomach got something to process to digest.  

Distance marker: 29 km 
Decided to have my GU gel earlier than planned. im feel re-filled and recharged. Resume back to running for some distance. 

Distance marker: 30 km 
Guess at time point of time, its impossible to find back my pacer... oh, im missed my pacer. 

 My result at 30 km mark was 4hrs 26mins... its now 4.26am... 
At here got re-fill station, have 1 banana and water.. i feel recharged again... and continue to run...

Distance marker: 31 km 
Been running quite long.. which i feel at that time and im fall back to walking... and run back again... Since im passing 30km mark, im still feel great.. no legs cramp happen and i continue to be careful. 

Distance marker: 32 km
I thinks this is the most ever walking in my marathon compared with previous 3. I walk until i can feel my feets are painful. But when im resume back to running, my feets did not feel pain... 

Distance marker: 33 km 
Omg... my zombie walking mood is hunting me back again!Its not far left from the finishing point...
42 minus 33 is less than 10km, precisely is 9km... im keep doing the calculation and telling myself to keep my motivation afloat... 

Distance marker: 34 km
Enough with walking, im back to running and at the same time, im eating my raisin... i feel hungry.. and its only 8km remaining... 

Distance marker: 35 km
Some point here, we were take a small road passing Changi Airport.. Lucky got 1 air plane was landing.. and i were under the plane... im so close to the plane... im enjoying the feel of plane landing just above me. Finished enjoying and continue running.... 

Distance marker: 36 km 
If im not wrong, we were running back to finishing point and we again running along with Changi Airport track... Enjoying the Boeing or Airbus Jet sound... listening to plane landing.... the route suddenly become so long... like never ending.... 

Distance marker: 37 km
Still running beside the Changi Airport track... at this point, there's were lots of runners passing me... im telling myself, its ok to let other passing... im reserve some energy for the final 2km... 

Distance marker: 38 km
Argh... im walking the whole 38th km... im just lost my motivation to run. 

Distance marker: 39 km 
Its getting nearer... only 3km remaining... im preparing my mood / my motivation to have a final run... 

Distance marker: 40 km 
Its the turning point, leaving Changi Airport track and im heading to finishing point, which still have 2km... im resume back to running with slow speed... the final push would be at last 1km or 750 meters where i can see my finishing point in front! 
Distance marker: 41 km 
Argh...WTF.. why i feel the final 2km so long 1... finally i saw 41km... and the finishing point is getting visible and the sky.. i can see the sky is getting brighter... but im still not yet saw the sun... Im still got time to BEAT THE SUNRAISE... 

Turbo is on.. keep pushing myself to the finishing point. Legs were ok, 100% fully utilise, no cramp detected, im feel good... 

Run, run, run... not many support around, just a few were shouting and this does help.... 

Finally i crossed the finishing line with official timing 6 hrs 34mins and the sun not yet raise yet! Yeah... mission completed. 

Result Analysis: 
Result in Entire Field: 2,404th place
1453 finishers behind. About 62% of finishers ahead.

Result in Gender (Men) - 2059th place
1150 finishers behind. About 64% of finishers ahead.

Result in Division (M2529) - 368th place
300 finishers behind. About 55% of finishers ahead.

 I best the Sun Raise! the sky still dark! 
Im crossing the finishing line
posting for Victory sign for photo... hehe 
Im completed another 42.195km. 

Sun Raise 

Guess, Sundown would be my last night marathon for the year. Before this, i have ran 2 night marathons and the race report below.

1. Putrajaya Night Marathon - 6hrs 40 second
2. Engierzer Night Race - 5hrs 46 mins
3. Sundown Marathon - 6hrs 34mins

Should do a complete review on my timing...

So Sundown was completed, now every1 among us runners would asking each other, what is your next race?
Its SCKLM.. my 1st ever full marathon running along inside KL city... and also its my 5th marathon to-date.

oh yeah.. pssttt... still not yet finish...
Im almost forget 1 important thing... FYI, Sundown marathon main target / category is 84km Ultra-marathon. Now my sifu running gang are discussing who shd join next year 84km... Sifu's wife are planning to join 84km, and she trying to get every1 of us to join too...

Yeah.. 84km Ultra-marathon is my next year target... its been mentioned in my twitter profile. Hope i wont change my mind after this Sundown marathon experience... =.='''


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