Monday, June 14, 2010

Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 Route Tour Video

Thanks to runwitme, now i know how and what's im going to face when im running 42km for my SCKLM coming 27 June 2010!

Standard Chartered KL Marathon Route from Arif Sanchez on Vimeo.

Alert: To all KL motorist / car drivers you're warmed! on 27 June 2010, starting from 4.30am, roads in KL will be closed for stages for the SCKLM! Marathon runners are the king of the road for few hours in the KL city centre... so i can expect those im-patient drivers to HONK us, gives us support... thank you.

Mind: This year, its going to be my 1st year, my 1st time of running full marathon 42km around KL city centre. i should be feel happy because i get the chances to run in my city! Hope this year the SCKLM organiser would do a great job as previously i was advised / told that SCMS are the best ground for 1st timer newbie to experience the marathon! I believe, SCKLM can change the people perception!

SCKLM, you going to be another new ground for newbie to run their 1st ever full marathon!

 This is my home ground, i should be able to run better right?

So a sub-5 hours target should be no problem, right?

This SCKLM, sub-5 is my aim...

My second sub-5 marathons... Here i come!

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