Sunday, June 20, 2010


Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 is going to be held on 27 June 2010 Sunday.

I was reading Jamie's blog entry on: I Want to Suffer this morning and its inspired me to write on this entry a little different from what im expected to write.

In 1 week time, im going to run my 5th marathon to-date, 4th marathon this year and 1st marathon which start in the morning this year. All my previous 3 marathons were night marathons.

SCKLM is going to be another game plan.

Previously, i thought of want to target sub-5, to test on something after 6 months apart. But during the weekend, when meet up with sifu and others, i found that, marathon is not about yourself. Your timing. Our running group have quite a numbers of Virgin marathoners.

Sifu was busy giving advice to 1st timer and volunteer be their 6 hours pacer and make sure they are really complete the 42.195km marathon and feel proud of Virgin marathon and the rest are history!

Just like what sifu gave me advice last year on Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.. where i managed to hit my sub-5 target! Since then, im just complete my marathon 1 after another 1...

So, if nothing special happening, i would run together with sifu and we all aim for completion 5hours 55mins 55 second... hmmm nice number too...

Basically im mentally prepared and this week is crucial week. i can not simply eat and i have to eat a lots of fruits and vegetables.

Argh.. im still unable to imaging how the feel of running along KL city... with a lots of cars going to be block for access, lining up and cheering for us (in form of HONKING)

Learning from previous 3 marathons, i will be changes some of my strategic. Previously, i was eating GU Gel and i was cramped in 2 marathons, and 1 marathon i have a lots of raisin which i thinks its helped me a lots to prevent cramp.

This round, i would revert back to Power Gel.. 2X Caffeine Power Gel.. which were consumed by me during SCSM where i hit my sub-5 target! Btw, i got a new shoe! Kswiss K-Ona. Im going to wear it for coming SCKLM.

SCKLM... we are prepared. we are prepared to suffer and going to complete it in fun!

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