Sunday, November 30, 2008


this evening, i go to Public Bank nearby the Digital Mall to withdraw money after some office works at my office.

Bloooody hell, it's 20 pieces of RM10 is coming out!!!

i was like huh???

so surprise.!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


just now come accross 1 link, it's our famous star

"我的名字叫明志" blog.

he now got new SONG.... 丘老師...

watched the video clip and it's so funny... im just loving it.

i like his creativity!!!
i like his dareness!!

guess, as long as he is in here, he will continous create wave by wave...

people is ready, i thinks some of us can understand and able to accept, but some party might not able to accept it.

they might be using law to restrict him...

anyways, he so entertaining...

why so serious!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

i have been working for 1 month plus in the new company!!!

it's going to be busy week. it's closing week.
im still learning a lots of thing everyday.

new things keep coming.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


today, have lunch together with other department colleagues.

we were talking, talking... then come about travelling topic.

one of my colleague is going to Australia Melbourne next year. She is in the planning and not yet brought any flight tickets...

then come another colleague mentioning that next year she might going to USA with her mum.

then come another colleague is saying she targeting next year going to visit Vietnam and Hong Kong.

then left im alone, got no travelling plan. At the movement, what's in my mind is to climb mount Kinabalu!!! then come next is go caving to Gua Niah, the largest cave in the world, where it's can fits in 2 beoing 747...

while for the oversea trip, is thinking of visiting Shanghai.... and also Hong Kong...

Penang Bridge Run

im coming...


recently suddenly friends around is getting marry.
some give advance notice of 6 months, and some even up to 9 months.

and also some also just give 1 month notice.
even i know it from their facebook that my friend is getting marry.

Yesterday i went to my friend's facebook to looks at his wedding photo. it's was well taken.
and got 1 thing im like the most, is the illustration big picture of he and his wife hanging on the wall of hotel restaurant. it's really creative.

ex-colleague will be get marry on 5th Dec, friday. A big bunch of ex-colleague is going down to Johor attending the wedding diner, while i have to stay in KL for working. Can not joining them.

while on Dec 6, another friend is marry too. they having their wedding diner in KL despite they both are working in the Singapore.

then come next year 2rd week of January, another ex-colleague is marry too. he is having his wedding diner at Subang.

Monday, November 10, 2008


it's really happened.
it's was an advice from the 10 days long ex-colleague who told me.

now, i have to accept it.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pay Slip

Last Saturday, im just got my old company pay slip.
it's ready since end of October and no1 is informing me.

and im also got no time to go collect my pay slip.

i was asking my ex-finance manager, how was my case? is the japanese boss really take legal actions against me?

Yes, they were. They went to labour department and want to makes legal suits against me, but they failed. They failed because they with hold my salary and story is finished.

it's the same case they terminate other staff as well. They inform them: you no need to come to works the next day. It's really happened.

my current status, now is really "pok kai". i need some written document to claim my salary from new company.

1st closing

i can't believe myself, im actually survived the 1st closing, with terible sleeping hours.

i spend hours n hours of completing it and with some guide from colleague. i never complain anything about it, guess im being trained to be workerholic...

my department, my division only got 3 persons. im at 1st also can not believe it, but with some task and job is being pushed down to other dept down stairs. Thus, i believed i still can survive.

for the past 1 week, i lack of sleep yet im still stay awake whole day. it's amazing, im wonder, how i can do it? what i do is just morning, 1 cup of white coffee from nescafe drinking machine, lunch another cup and at 6pm another cup.

but last time, it's wont helping much...
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