Wednesday, November 12, 2008


recently suddenly friends around is getting marry.
some give advance notice of 6 months, and some even up to 9 months.

and also some also just give 1 month notice.
even i know it from their facebook that my friend is getting marry.

Yesterday i went to my friend's facebook to looks at his wedding photo. it's was well taken.
and got 1 thing im like the most, is the illustration big picture of he and his wife hanging on the wall of hotel restaurant. it's really creative.

ex-colleague will be get marry on 5th Dec, friday. A big bunch of ex-colleague is going down to Johor attending the wedding diner, while i have to stay in KL for working. Can not joining them.

while on Dec 6, another friend is marry too. they having their wedding diner in KL despite they both are working in the Singapore.

then come next year 2rd week of January, another ex-colleague is marry too. he is having his wedding diner at Subang.

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