Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running? Cycling?

Running? Cycling?
Since my last ultra race back in early 2012, i have not complete any 100km run since then. After the ultra race in 2012, i was straight away jump into cycling together with P2K group.

Since then, I'm treasuring cycling inside out left right. We have our weekly ride without miss. We cycled to Melaka, we cycled to Fraser hills, we cycled to Ipoh and we joint PCC Inter-State 3 days ride, we also joints Cameron King of Mountains.

It's was a great experience for me in cycling with my Giant TCR SL3 roadbike.

Since last year November, I decided to slow down in Cycling and focus back to running with aim to attempt my first ever 100 miles race in Philippines which i failed to complete it.

In less than 1 month time, im returning to Philippines to join TNF Baguio 100km.

At the same time, my P2K gang is organizing some 3 days inter-states ride in coming May. It's sound seducing with the distance and also the elevation!

Running? Cycling? RUnning? Cycling?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cycling & Running weekend 23/3/2013

WOo hoo... the joy of rejoining back to Cycling on Saturday with my P2k cycling group! My fitness are about the same as before im return back to ultra running...

My last cycling was some where in Jan or Feb.

Its good to back with group. Now im thinking whether to joins P2K May 3 days Inter-states ride over 493km plus!

Generally, the routes as follow:
day 1: KL - Raub
day 2: Raub - Gua Musang
day 3: Gua Musang - Cameron Highland - Ipoh (final destination)

Interesting kan! i never been to Raub nor Gua Musang! It's would be a good opportunity to visit via cycling via Roadbike with my Giant TCR SL3 ! :)

On the same day, i joins with other runners at Putrajaya. We started our run around 9:30pm, and the plan is to go out running for whole night until nexy day 7am morning.

Somehow, tired legs muscles and weak mental were beaten by the sleepy-ness.

It's was packed Saturday. Sunday just rest...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

200313 - Carrot juice

Woo Hoo ! Today is carrot ! 4 carrots with 2 green apples and the amount of juices were so many! About 450ML... Trying just to have juices as my dinner. Let's see how well my body my stomach able to digest and hope i wont be suffering from hungry-ness! 

Just now did RPM challenge at newly open gym. it's awesome. Initial plan was after RPM, will continue with body pump, but whose know friend SMS-ed saying he not coming. Thus, im all out for my RPM challenge! 

But when im waiting at lift to car park, i think i saw my friend in the studio doing Body Pump... zzz... 

190313 - Purple theme juice

19032013 - Yesterday, Tuesday, i juiced this purple juice once im back at home. Yummy. :)

It's purple cabbage. Half of the cabbage gives me about 250ML of juice. 

another half reserve for the weekend to take turn to reach back at purple theme again. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Juicing - A new chapter

Beginning of today, 17 March (Sunday), my juicing chapter will be a brand new experience and to discover new things along the journey and benefits from juicing.

1 broccoli and half of beetroot. its gives me about 600ml of juice with some water added. :) 

THe pulp from juicing. it's so dry. Unlike previously, the pulp was not compress and it's not as dry as these. 

Hope im free, and i would love to joins what i juice! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


在这个星期的工作日里, 我没有期望到会遇到她。我没想到,连发梦也没想到, 我竟然遇上了她。  在完全没有什么心里准备下,又在很心急的心情下要安装会议要用到的网络电话, 我来不及反应,只是一个微笑然后匆忙的进入会议室。

赶紧安装了网络电话后, 就得回去我的位置拿笔记。 人已走了。 还好,不然我不知怎样反应加上我快要迟进会议了。

从那时刻, 时时刻刻都在反复的回映我当时的回应。 我是否太冷淡了吗?我是否太匆忙而不理会她?

再遇上她,就那短短的几秒钟,让我突然想起很多东西来, 心不在焉。放了工去了做RPM, 隔天去做TRX training session, 今早做 body pump 来释放我纳闷的心,都有几天了, 我知道结局还是一样的。

但是有一样我可以确认的是我已不再是以前的我。 从那时刻再遇到她, 我便知道但还是有些很模糊的感觉。



Sunday, March 10, 2013

LesMills - GRIT Strength

On Thurs or Fri or any one of the weekdays, i was told about GRIT strength workout session in the gym. 
Since have nothing to do and nothing to lose, i decided to join my fellow ultra runner for the GRIT strength session. I was expecting something that i can manage, something that within my stamina, something that within my strength. 

On Saturday, I was wrong. it's not something that i can manage, not something that within my stamina, and definitely not something that within my strength. I was pushed to the limits. New fitness heights although i'm just uses 5kg weight... 

I still have a lot of room to improve! Too bad, my fellow ultra runner friend failed to show up early to grab limited 20 slots for GRIT strength. But I do continue to joins him for Body Pump which I'm really out of shape to complete. The 30 mins GRIT really killed me off. Body Pump session were suffering.  

Pic by Ee Ann Nee who also went for GRIT session. 

The workouts featured in LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH are based on the principles of high intensity interval training (HIIT): repeated bouts of high intensity that is greater than anaerobic threshold. This results in a series of sharp spikes in heart rate, delivering the exclusive HIIT effect:

Anaerobic threshold increases: HIIT enables you to go harder for longer
Type 2 muscle fibre activation: HIIT gives you athletic, lean muscle tone and definition
Fat loss: HIIT is a fat-burner. High intensity exercise is more effective at fat burning than low intensity exercise
Hormonal response: HIIT stimulates the release of growth hormone - reducing fat and promoting the development of lean muscle
Exercise capacity: HIIT gets you fit, fast
Sourece: Les Mills

Muscles sores since Saturday... somehow, i still able to complete my 20KM LSD this morning but with a lot of suffering. A good painful run that's stimulate my ultra run.  

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Petzl Nao - Headlamp

It's was last year, some where second half of last year where i begins to search for my headlamp upgrade from China brandless to a quality and good brand which within my affordability  With Google, i landed with various selections and brands.... 

SOmehow, there's 1 brand strike my mind while im Google-ing... it's Petzl ! Okay, decided to focus on Petzl brand and it's help to limits my selection. Guess what, i found Petzl Nao.   

In my recent run in Philippines, H1, Petzl Nao proved it's ability and performance !

The 3 Malaysians in the Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon @ Kayapa, Philippines.
Photo credit to: Sir Jonel C Mendoza

Im loving it! 

Although its might be bulky and heavier than others, but i have no problems using it during my night run! 

The battery of Petzl Nao is high performance and high capacity rechargeable Li-ion 2,300 mAh. 

More excited night run to come!  

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