Thursday, March 28, 2013

Running? Cycling?

Running? Cycling?
Since my last ultra race back in early 2012, i have not complete any 100km run since then. After the ultra race in 2012, i was straight away jump into cycling together with P2K group.

Since then, I'm treasuring cycling inside out left right. We have our weekly ride without miss. We cycled to Melaka, we cycled to Fraser hills, we cycled to Ipoh and we joint PCC Inter-State 3 days ride, we also joints Cameron King of Mountains.

It's was a great experience for me in cycling with my Giant TCR SL3 roadbike.

Since last year November, I decided to slow down in Cycling and focus back to running with aim to attempt my first ever 100 miles race in Philippines which i failed to complete it.

In less than 1 month time, im returning to Philippines to join TNF Baguio 100km.

At the same time, my P2K gang is organizing some 3 days inter-states ride in coming May. It's sound seducing with the distance and also the elevation!

Running? Cycling? RUnning? Cycling?

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