Sunday, March 10, 2013

LesMills - GRIT Strength

On Thurs or Fri or any one of the weekdays, i was told about GRIT strength workout session in the gym. 
Since have nothing to do and nothing to lose, i decided to join my fellow ultra runner for the GRIT strength session. I was expecting something that i can manage, something that within my stamina, something that within my strength. 

On Saturday, I was wrong. it's not something that i can manage, not something that within my stamina, and definitely not something that within my strength. I was pushed to the limits. New fitness heights although i'm just uses 5kg weight... 

I still have a lot of room to improve! Too bad, my fellow ultra runner friend failed to show up early to grab limited 20 slots for GRIT strength. But I do continue to joins him for Body Pump which I'm really out of shape to complete. The 30 mins GRIT really killed me off. Body Pump session were suffering.  

Pic by Ee Ann Nee who also went for GRIT session. 

The workouts featured in LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH are based on the principles of high intensity interval training (HIIT): repeated bouts of high intensity that is greater than anaerobic threshold. This results in a series of sharp spikes in heart rate, delivering the exclusive HIIT effect:

Anaerobic threshold increases: HIIT enables you to go harder for longer
Type 2 muscle fibre activation: HIIT gives you athletic, lean muscle tone and definition
Fat loss: HIIT is a fat-burner. High intensity exercise is more effective at fat burning than low intensity exercise
Hormonal response: HIIT stimulates the release of growth hormone - reducing fat and promoting the development of lean muscle
Exercise capacity: HIIT gets you fit, fast
Sourece: Les Mills

Muscles sores since Saturday... somehow, i still able to complete my 20KM LSD this morning but with a lot of suffering. A good painful run that's stimulate my ultra run.  

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