Monday, March 25, 2013

Cycling & Running weekend 23/3/2013

WOo hoo... the joy of rejoining back to Cycling on Saturday with my P2k cycling group! My fitness are about the same as before im return back to ultra running...

My last cycling was some where in Jan or Feb.

Its good to back with group. Now im thinking whether to joins P2K May 3 days Inter-states ride over 493km plus!

Generally, the routes as follow:
day 1: KL - Raub
day 2: Raub - Gua Musang
day 3: Gua Musang - Cameron Highland - Ipoh (final destination)

Interesting kan! i never been to Raub nor Gua Musang! It's would be a good opportunity to visit via cycling via Roadbike with my Giant TCR SL3 ! :)

On the same day, i joins with other runners at Putrajaya. We started our run around 9:30pm, and the plan is to go out running for whole night until nexy day 7am morning.

Somehow, tired legs muscles and weak mental were beaten by the sleepy-ness.

It's was packed Saturday. Sunday just rest...

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