Saturday, March 02, 2013

Petzl Nao - Headlamp

It's was last year, some where second half of last year where i begins to search for my headlamp upgrade from China brandless to a quality and good brand which within my affordability  With Google, i landed with various selections and brands.... 

SOmehow, there's 1 brand strike my mind while im Google-ing... it's Petzl ! Okay, decided to focus on Petzl brand and it's help to limits my selection. Guess what, i found Petzl Nao.   

In my recent run in Philippines, H1, Petzl Nao proved it's ability and performance !

The 3 Malaysians in the Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon @ Kayapa, Philippines.
Photo credit to: Sir Jonel C Mendoza

Im loving it! 

Although its might be bulky and heavier than others, but i have no problems using it during my night run! 

The battery of Petzl Nao is high performance and high capacity rechargeable Li-ion 2,300 mAh. 

More excited night run to come!  


Unknown said...

hi vinann, its a great head lamp, where did you buy this in the Philippines and how much..i like to have one as well. thanks

vin_ann said...

Hi Agustin,

I brought my Petzl Nao online from US website by having 3rd party buy for me services and 3rd party forwarding services to send to me in Malaysia.

While my other Ultra Runners got their Petzl Nao when they were in HK for Lantau100 at Lantau Basecamp shop. You can buy there if you're visiting HK.

Thank you.

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