Thursday, February 28, 2013

H1: Hardcore Hundred Miles UltraMarathon 2013.

Since back from Kayapa, Baguio, Philippines, I have not updates my blog, mainly due to PC problems, plus its month end! Been rushing for closing and now running on my old laptop... :(

I did not finish my 100 miles race. I only managed to complete 62km for 18 hours plus, with the last hour i got lost when reaching to the 62KM check point. :(

In this run, it's so different from any other runs that i joins before, we get to know each others. Sharing running tips, exchange information, and many more.

Love this group photo!
Thank you Sir Jonel. 

H1 let me met with other strong ultra runners. H1 makes me grows. H1 teach me the valuable experience and insights. H1 makes me feel how inadequate im now. 

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