Friday, February 22, 2013

H1 : Hardcore Hundred Miles Trail UltraMarathon Philippines 2013

While i'm still on the run after 12 hours running the 100 miles course at Kayapa, 2 hours from Baguio, North of Philippines, there's some information i wish to share. 

I'm surprised when friend told me there's a 100 miles ultra run in February in Philippines without tell me much information about it back in 2012. Before that, i'm already thinking to joins one 100 miles run in 2013 to experience the lifetime experience as I'm hitting 30 years old...  

With the help of Google,  i managed to find out this H1 race, and it's really something new. Something totally new and im keep reading the information again, again, and again until i lost count how many "again" i did! 
I'm surprised H1 is UTMB qualifying race which will entitle for 4 points! 

This is too good to believe! 4 points worth of qualifying race in this H1 100 miles run and yet it's CHEAPER, or rather affordable for me! 

While i know nothing about the run, somehow, my gut told me just sign up ! Sign up! Think later. As time comes nearer, i got to know local runner linked up by Tey and Yim who referring to the same runner! haha... 

From there, more information and details of the trail obtained! It's COLD in night time, it's HOT in day time, and worse there's possible of RAINING which can become even worse weather for runner! 

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