Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hot date on New Year Eve? Yes!

Hot date on New Year Eve ? Yes! i'm !
Will have my hot date tonight and sleep early! hehe...

Happy New Year everyone! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Agnes B Delices

Sometime you hate it when it's makes you fat.
Somehow when you eat it, you enjoyed it.
The rabbit theme on the chocolate... i shall finish it just before the start of dragon year which is coming these few days...  haha...

The chocolate was accompany by some awesome stories from Hong Kong. 
The awesome stories just for laughing. 
Thank you friend. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

United Buddy Bears @ Pavilion, KL

143 United Buddy Bears are display at Pavilion until 15 Feb 2011.

I was busy with my MR25, and no time to visit Pavilion until last weekend. 

Lastly, a video clip from a friend. Enjoy!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ultramarathoner a special breed

An article about Ultramarathoners ! Is talking people like me! We love Ultra!

Too bad, i cant find the article online other than this photo... posted in FB on 24 Dec 2011.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

2011 is coming to the end soon. 
Merry Christmas 
Happy New Year 2012. 

In 2011, many things happened and went through it.
From bad to good.
From worst to best.
From road race to trail race.
From 2-digits marathon to 3-digits marathon.

My life will be never the same in coming 2012.

Spent quality time with friends for Christmas celebration. 

Thank you everyone. Let's rock 2012.

Red Carpet - EnCorp The Strand, Kota Damansara

One Sunday weeks ago, we were here, The Strand Red Carpet, Kota Damansara. 
The weekend was some property lunching event. 
Enjoy the photos.

Huge space. 

The main property that were on sales... 


FYI, DIBS scheme is no more for new project. The house buyer will feel the pinch.
Example for this sale. Buyers will thinks twice, but third and fourth to consider... 

Some concept about The Strand. 

Have you checked into the Foursquare???
It's good to see The Strand are also using social media as part of their lunching items.

Have you brought The Strand?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trail running - VinAnn Running Season 2011

Trail running. A new area that i never thought of im really into it one year ago.
1 year ago, i was mentally & physically preparing for Sundown Ultra marathon 100KM.
After successful of complete Sundown Ultra 100KM, my soul have no where to go, leaving mind wondering where, what when will be my next race?

Then came TMBT - The Most Beautiful Thing 100km Ultra Trail Marathon single stage which held in early November 2011. I'm just took about 2 days to decide to sign up. Since then, it's history.

As I was new to trail running, I'm venturing into something new. Something that i never bother to take note. Among, were Salomon... the videos that i posted along, learning something new on each episode which i'm able to apply in TMBT 100KM. 

1 thing i likes is, I'm now falls in love with Nutella, the champion nutrition that Kilian consume! It's really do helps... haha...

Thank you Salomon. Your videos are inspiration to me! "When I grow up, I want to run like Kilian Jornet"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MR25 Cross Country Ultra Marathon 2011

I'm done! I'm completed my 3rd Ultra marathon for the year 2011. An unexpected year that i would completes 3 Ultras.

Below are the video taken by our beloved photographer Tey Eng Tiong who came down to SG to support MR25 event from KL. Thank you Tey! Thanks Tey for the great photo!

Are you able to spot me inside the video below? hehe... 

Kudo to brother in video below! You're have completed your 1st ever Virgin Ultra Marathon !

Next year we shall run MR25 again! Brother, train hard! See you in 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KFC - FREE Double Zinger Burger Combo Online Voucher - cancelled

It's all begin with the online voucher below. 
One stupid term & condition which very favor to customer: This coupon is valid with any purchase. 
Yes, any purchase, and there's people ordered a "bun" and get FREE double Zinger Burger Combo! 
Guess there's no people having this for breakfast and soon the news spreading fast...
Everyone is buying during lunch hours. 

Somehow, the management of KFC realised their mistake of "any purchase" i believe, KFC Malaysia via facebook announced the Online voucher for allocated stock is FINISHED. =.='' 

Dear KFC Fans,
Due to the overwhelming response on the FREE Double Zinger Burger Combo online voucher, we would like to inform that the allocated stocks for this online promotion is FINISHED! We REGRET for any inconvenience caused and we THANK YOU for all your support. Please look out for more amazing deals from us very soon!:)

People who planning to have a meal at KFC would be disappointed when see this. 

As usual, anything people feel cheated or disappointed, you can find all these photos in facebook! 

This is the funny one! LoL... 


KFC is trying to follow McD promotion via vouchers. 
For me McD done a very good job on the vouchers. They never says "OUT OF STOCK" 

Remember the Big Breakfast buy 1 free 1 vouchers promotion, I'm really enjoying my good time having 2 big breakfast on weekend morning after i had my run... The Q for the big breakfast were long and management of McD never said OUT OF STOCK. 

KFC Malaysia, whoever behind these, you still have long long way to learn from McD. 

Thank god, me slowpoke, it's out-of-stock, else my diet burst ! 



Argh... Swiss...JungFrau... A small town that i visited before during my Europe trip during UK summer degree top up program.

The Jungfrau Marathon, a fall race in the Swiss Alps, bills itself as "the Most Beautiful Marathon in the World," and it's easy to see why. 
Photo by Victah Sailer, Photo Run 
Text by Mark Remy  

The race starts in Interlaken, altitude 1,857 feet, and is fairly flat for the first 10K. Then it's not. The course ends on the Kleine Scheidegg, between the Eiger and Lauberhorn peaks, altitude 6,890 feet.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

This is what an aid station looks like at the Jungfrau.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

Look out! Glacier!

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Rem

One downside: Few spectators along the course. Oh well.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

We said few spectators... not no spectators.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

No one will blame these guys for walking a bit.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

We REALLY won't blame these guys for walking a bit.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

The race takes runners above the "tree line."

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

The final kilometer of the race, a steep descent, tests runners' quads.

Photos by Victah Sailer, Photo Run
Text by Mark Remy

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