Wednesday, December 14, 2011

KFC - FREE Double Zinger Burger Combo Online Voucher - cancelled

It's all begin with the online voucher below. 
One stupid term & condition which very favor to customer: This coupon is valid with any purchase. 
Yes, any purchase, and there's people ordered a "bun" and get FREE double Zinger Burger Combo! 
Guess there's no people having this for breakfast and soon the news spreading fast...
Everyone is buying during lunch hours. 

Somehow, the management of KFC realised their mistake of "any purchase" i believe, KFC Malaysia via facebook announced the Online voucher for allocated stock is FINISHED. =.='' 

Dear KFC Fans,
Due to the overwhelming response on the FREE Double Zinger Burger Combo online voucher, we would like to inform that the allocated stocks for this online promotion is FINISHED! We REGRET for any inconvenience caused and we THANK YOU for all your support. Please look out for more amazing deals from us very soon!:)

People who planning to have a meal at KFC would be disappointed when see this. 

As usual, anything people feel cheated or disappointed, you can find all these photos in facebook! 

This is the funny one! LoL... 


KFC is trying to follow McD promotion via vouchers. 
For me McD done a very good job on the vouchers. They never says "OUT OF STOCK" 

Remember the Big Breakfast buy 1 free 1 vouchers promotion, I'm really enjoying my good time having 2 big breakfast on weekend morning after i had my run... The Q for the big breakfast were long and management of McD never said OUT OF STOCK. 

KFC Malaysia, whoever behind these, you still have long long way to learn from McD. 

Thank god, me slowpoke, it's out-of-stock, else my diet burst ! 


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Eclipxe said...

lol, that announcement photo was taken by me! that was fast! haha, was looking for news whether KFC will do any further actions and found ur blog XD

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