Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breaking New: KL Flash Flood again 13 Dec 2011

KL Flash Flood again. The same venue again. It's at National Library in front of National Heart Institution.
I was wondering why the jam at Jln Tun Razak so heavy and unusual unlike normal days.

My guess, something was happening in front and i was right. It's flash flood...

Above and below were taken from twtpic Abinesh user

A nearer view photo below was taken from Facebook the truly amazing social media tool. 

The Smart Tunnel failed to protect KL from flash flood again! 
As usual, there's no DBKL officials / traffic warrants in control of the traffic nor diverting the traffic. ok, it's called "flash" flood, perhaps the DBKL officers have not sufficient respond time to act. LOL. 

Let me bring you to sunshine day of Jln Tun Razak the place where currently being flooded. 

Can see the smooth traffic on one sunshine Sunday.  

Here come the drainage that can not cope with the overflow water and causing the floods NOW as 1st 3 photos above. It's just a small drainage ! How would you expect its can prevent flood or cope with huge volume of water like today's rain fall.   

It's just a small drainage! The situation become worse when KL-ians staying around throwing rubbish into the river. As you can see, the drainage is clean on normal day. 

To drivers who stuck in jam for hours in Jln Tun Razak, this photo is a heaven to you! How would wish it's a  sunshine day today! 

No far away from the flash flood venue, there's a huge big concrete river to cater the huge volume of rains fall... When this river is overflow, Jln Yap Kwan Seng will be the flash flood victims. But so far, there's no twitter report that Jln Yap Kwan Seng is flooded. 

Y KL FLOOD? Over-development? Rubbish? 
Many factors. Be its human or natural. 

Soon, there's will be 3rd KL flash flood at the same venue, 4th and 5th if we never change our attitude of take good care of our river. 
We can protect our river by not simply throw rubbish !!! It's as simple as ABC! 

I'm wondering the multi billions dollar River of Life project which include river cleaning and beautification do include in smaller drainage like the 1 near National library? You can see how amazing is the artist impression of multi-billions River of Life project below. 

Wondering are ETP_roadmap able to ensure the River of Life project budget are well spend and planning too. 
No point you have a such high class beautiful river along Sg Klang and Sg Gombak, yet few KM away, there's a flash flood. 

It's just too complicated to just "wondering". 

Pray for Flood Free KL. 


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