Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trail running - VinAnn Running Season 2011

Trail running. A new area that i never thought of im really into it one year ago.
1 year ago, i was mentally & physically preparing for Sundown Ultra marathon 100KM.
After successful of complete Sundown Ultra 100KM, my soul have no where to go, leaving mind wondering where, what when will be my next race?

Then came TMBT - The Most Beautiful Thing 100km Ultra Trail Marathon single stage which held in early November 2011. I'm just took about 2 days to decide to sign up. Since then, it's history.

As I was new to trail running, I'm venturing into something new. Something that i never bother to take note. Among, were Salomon... the videos that i posted along, learning something new on each episode which i'm able to apply in TMBT 100KM. 

1 thing i likes is, I'm now falls in love with Nutella, the champion nutrition that Kilian consume! It's really do helps... haha...

Thank you Salomon. Your videos are inspiration to me! "When I grow up, I want to run like Kilian Jornet"

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missyblurkit said...

nutella! one of my fave spreads with breads or even just on its own.

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