Sunday, December 04, 2011

Man dies after completing half-marathon in StanChart race

Man dies after completing half-marathon in StanChart race

SINGAPORE: A 21-year-old Singaporean died after completing the half-marathon of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore on Sunday morning.

The Organising Committee said in a statement on Sunday afternoon that he collapsed at the finish line at about 8.30am.

He was immediately attended to and sent to the Singapore General Hospital.

He died at about 9.30am.

The Organising Committee will assist the Police in its investigation.

It is believed that it is the first time a runner has died at the Marathon.

- CNA/fa

This is not the first time i heard about runner dies after running a half marathon. If you still remember, similar case also happened in KL.

Runners should learn listen to body, stop running when you are feeling something weird on muscles, breath, chest and etc etc...
Runners also should learn about their body whether do their fitness / conditions allow them to start running. Some who have asthma are advised to seek doctor advice before start running, even in running, much pre-caution need to take note.

RIP to the runner. 

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