Sunday, December 11, 2011


My head of dept was recommended the Lontong dish for some time. Its always in my mind to remember to try it. 

Finally on one fine weekend, i have the chance to try the dish! 

It's was awesome! Although its seem have a lots of oils and fats, but once a while is fine.  

The soup was nice too. the taste is just nice. 

The rice 

Ayam Rendang... 


i might thought the dish is good, but my colleague told me that the same dish in Indonesia, its lagi awesome! 
One day, i want to run a marathon in Indonesia and having this dish as carbo loading! hehe...
oh waits...

There's a marathon in Indonesia April 2012 ! 
Its' inaugural Bali Marathon!  

The marathon main sponsor is Maybank! Something that familiar to us.!

To join? Let's see what kind of Air Asia flight deals i can search! 

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