Sunday, December 11, 2011

Breaking New: Bus Accident @ Highway

My friend uploaded this photo on her FB.
Bus express accident at somewhere of highway, and just now. My friend posted she was ok. Thank you.
How on earth a bus express can derail off track the highway !

This recalled my own experience with bus express when im back to KL from Butterworth 2 years ago.
I was sitting in front, was enjoying my sleep, and i know the bus is entering the tunnel and going to downhill toward Ipoh.

As we know bus uses air pump to break, whenever the bus express break, there's will be some air sound...
1 brake, have sound, 2nd brake have sound, not it's not breaking, not slowing down the bus, and 3rd time, i heard the bus driver sound "NO BREAK" ! im quickly opened my eye and i can see the bus is heading downhill without break!

Worse, there's a traffic jam in front! The bus is crashing right and left... and im at the back of driver shouting whenever the bus crashed the cars in front !!! I lost count how many cars the bus crashed, and some of the car being hit and dropped into the drainage!

How the bus would be stopped! There's a van become the victim. The bus vertical T-bone crashing the van, and dragged dont know so how far and its stopping the bus. I was in shock.

Thank god. I'm still in one piece blogging now. :)

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