Thursday, August 28, 2008


Merdeka week

all my badminton session is cancelled due to many is take advantage of this long holiday to go back hometown.

my Thursday and Saturday session are cancelled. at the mean time, my friend suddenly asked me want to borrow my badminton racket. so i lend to her.

but now, when want to get back from her or wait her to pass my badminton racket back to me, it's so hard. Yesterday got heavy rain, it's ok that she can not come here. today she works late. Tomorrow i thinks she also will be working late or im not at home as im heading to the Putrajaya for the fireworks.

then the only time left is Saturday 30 Aug 2008. hope i can get back my badminton racket on Saturday.


Sigh, so dissapointed.

MCMC The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission blocking people website so efficient, while to ensure other ISP internet quality is so in-efficient.

scuk big time...

MCMC never able to open up the last mile for other ISP to tap on the broadband, making TM Nut is monopoly about 95% market of the broadband in the country.

*ai... why im just making myself life so difficulties. i thinks im better stop commenting else im will be kena with Section 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

im really hopes that the HSBB (high speed broadband) can really implemented by the right person, with best technology, and definately not Telekom.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fireworks @ Canada team

another picture which im grad from my friend.

the coming friday Grand finale really makes me headache.
10.00pm start, but to be able drive into PICC, it's better reach there by 8.00pm.

i finished my works at 5.00pm.
should i go back home and bath n change and come out or i should have just drive to Putrajaya from my working place?

Friday evening is a very terible traffic jamm movement, some more it's Big Long holiday since Merdeka Holiday is falls on the Monday which is to replace Sunday.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Dont know why this morning im feel quite tired.

i thinks last weekend im sleep late and wake up late making my monday morning feel hard to wake up. Some more i went to watch fireworks at Putrajaya at night, 11.30pm reached home, yet still online until 12.30am only go to bed.

this morning, planning to have breakfast in office and skip my usual Oat + nescafe breakfast at home.
when im reached at the parking, walked out, and wanted to take out my wallet, i realised that i din bring my wallet out today.

and it's 7.40am already. i have to get my wallet today. i dun know i just know i need my wallet. so without hesitate, i drive back home and called to office saying i will be late.

i back at office around 9.10am and start busy working. busy whole day. my finance manager still not yet back from holiday.

then suddenly i realised i need go to Bank to get the money so i follows driver go to bank. OMG, it's need my IC, lucky i got my IC with me. refresh back, if i din go back home take my wallet, today i can not take money. *sweat*

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fireworks @ 20 Aug 2008

Team Canada @ Malaysia Internation Fireworks Competition
that night was enjoyable as well. fireworks with music, and it's a great song. among the song got Titanic. i was reached at PICC around 8.35pm and i was block to drive into the building. Sigh im late for that night, so i have to park my car at the "Parking Awam" and take the shuttle bus to PICC. the Shuttle bus is keep on going. just wait about 5 minutes bus take off and it's so frequent.
Canada team is different from the China team where China play is go for the love story lines while Canada is on Songs.
im looking forward for the spain on this coming Sunday night. Too bad, i did not able to enjoy the Malaysia team's fireworks with music.
Parking Awam
on my parking at the "Parking Awam" i saw 1 terible experience. As we all line up to parks our car at the still available big space vacant land, the car in front of me, which is Mocha silver Myvi quites new with plates number WQT, he suppose to listen to the Anggota Rela instruction by parking here. But i thinks the driver saw in front far ahead there got space and it's more nearer to the Bridge, so the driver just drive ahead to there, the Rela anggota angry and quickly pick up stone from ground and throw it to the Myvi. Hits or no hits, im not sure. But im definately wont follow him. Just park my car and follows Anggota Rela's instruction.
Malaysian Driver
i was on shuttle bus, and we were ready to head for the PICC. Omg, we bus way out is being blocked by driver. they were so afraid can not get parking. The Anggota Rela stand in front of out bus and instruction the cars to drive out of our way. He have trying the very hard then only can get the cars to drive out. Sigh...
KL - Putrajaya Highway
with this new highway, i can reach Putrajaya with smooth and fast, but have to pay a total of RM4.00 for the toll starting from Jln Tun Razak entrance.
on my ways back to KL, im also have no face any difficulties on the traffic. It so smooth. i thinks the only jamm is from parking exit to main road, but im avioded it by delay about 30 minutes after the fireworks end.

Monday, August 18, 2008

16 Aug 2008

16 Aug 2008.

it's was a busy and full schedule day.

morning, i went to join Cari Forum's badminton gang playing badminton at Wangsa Maju Pro-One court. it's quite good experience can meets with new friends playing badminton together.

affer badminton session, went back home bath and get change then come out to Time Square to watch movie with friends together.

after movie, we yam cha at Old Town Kopitiam before we went for diner at some where nearby the bulatan Kg Pandan Western food.

after diner, we heads to Putrajaya for the fireworks. we start our journey around 8.08pm using the KL - Putrajaya Highway and it's was fast. within 20 minutes we got exit the toll. As this is my first time using KL-Putrajaya Highway, im just following the PICC signbroad and it's leads me to the PICC directly, surprisingly we just follow the front car to enter into the PICC. i never thought of entering into the PICC... but very lucky we can drives inside.

we got passby the Bridge, the main fireworks firing place, saw a lots of people sitting in the field. Too bad, i din bring my own camera that day.

it's was my first time entering into the PICC and we stand right in front of the bridges. i thinks i need to go to low yat search for the pictures for it...


Got another picture from friend. it's was taken on the first day of the event on Tuesday 12 Aug 2008 Malaysia Team.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Posted on: Aug 13 2008, 08:52 PM





给Ah WanG,






另外希望你们祝我一帆风顺。 smile.gif

it's was from someone who suddenly joined and spam with us. Guess she is happy can spam with us during her limited time available to online.

wish her all the best in her career and life.

Lee Chong Wei

Lee Chong Wei have won. he won the semi final Olympic Badminton semi final against South Korea opponent Lee.

the RTM 1 got showing living at 6.30pm and im managed to reach home at 6.00pm, leaving office at 5.30pm.

Congratulation to him. Malaysia Boleh-land is guarantee get a silver already.

Washing Machine Vs 20Cents

Again. my washing machine is stuck with the 20 cents coin again.

so much of water is being wasted before im realise it. Sigh. this time i tried quite hard, few times also the coin can not come out. im wondering how im doing it 1st time.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this picture was taken right beside me. Yesterday night my friend and i went to Putrajaya to see the fireworks. he likes taking photo, can consider as pro already.

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

- Sample from Last Year. Borrowed from Low Yat Forum.

Yesterday is the first day of the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 (MIFC).
it's started yesterday and will be end on 29 Aug 2008.


The Ministry of Tourism will again host the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition this August in Putrajaya. Renowned world-class Fireworks Teams from around the world will compete for the 'Golden Merdeka Trophy'. The Ministry has announced that there will not be any Tickets sold this year at the Event. The event is Free for All! Speakers will be installed at the public viewing locations, enabling the spectators to enjoy the 'Musical Firework Displays'. Entrance to PICC is Free.

For two weeks in August, the skies over Putrajaya are to be lit up by a series of pyrotechnics displays. The pyrotechnic artistry will be different from regular fireworks shows as this one is meticulously choreographed to music.

For 25 minutes on each competitive night, the maestros of the night will AWE spectators with breathtaking presentations of FIRE, LIGHT with MUSIC. Prior to the final night, a judging panel of international and local celebrities will select a winner. Although a prestigious award will be presented to the victorious team, their true prize is audience delight.

The highlight of the Event is a reverberating, GRAND FINALE which will be jointly designed and produced by last year winner Howard & Sons and MIFC Producer Joe Ghazzal. The theme decided on the Finale is "Colors of Malaysia". You do not want to miss the World Class Finale Presentation on the 29th of August.

The competition, last year, drew an average of 350,000 to 400,000 live audiences to PUTRAJAYA each competition night, breaking all time record in attendance. Total numbers attended including international and domestic tourist for 2 weeks was estimated at whopping 3.5 Million people.


Aug 12 - Malaysia Team
Aug 16 - China Team
Aug 20 - Canada Team
Aug 24 - Spain Team
Aug 29 - Grand Finale

im going to visit all of it...

Yesterday night's fireworks, got some innovative. at least some of the fireworks i first time see it. or else, "boring".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


on 4 June 2008

i have called in the Astro hot line to request to terminate my astro service. it is understanding that i have to give 1 month notice for them to terminate my astro. btw, calling to Astro Customer Services is a challengge, it's test your patients... give u simple waiting of 20-30 minutes.
it's Scuk.

on July 2008

suppose this the the last bill that im going to pay. i leave it.

on 11 Aug 2008

i forget to pay my July last month astro bill and today i received another latest bill. feel like very dissapointed and very mad. feeling like what to score people yet before can score people expect to waits for at least 10minutes. hmmm, it's helps, while waiting i thinks of what im going to say, how my tone want to say it out... bla bla bla...

5 minutes pass, finally got people answer, hmmm quite lucky this time. i told him that im have called in to request to terminate my line. he checks and he admit it's their fault.

hmmm, not bad. admits mistake also. and i request to waive the Aug charges. he said he is doing waiver now. and i also asked when will my astro services be terminated? 1 days? 12 hours? immediately? he said within 3 hours. ok.

after had my diner i go check my astro whether still can watch it or not. oh, they finally cut it.

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Do not know why recently i likes to eat sandwich. previously my sandwich is comprise of tuna, tuna and tuna only.

then on 1 trip to Genting in the very the early morning, we had our Buffet Breakfast in the Genting Cafe. it's Ham, egg, nasi lemak, fried mihun, prorridge, a few limited choices of food for the buffet. at that movement, im realised i have been since in UK, i never eat Ham with sandwich in Malaysia and im also hardly seldom come accross Ham is selling in Carrefour and Jasco.

so after that, im decided to walk all the corner to looks for the Ham. Oh, it's selling in Carrefour and Jasco as well. both is selling the same brand and same Ham. So i begin my experience. my sandwich with Ham. then i add egg, timun, tomato and mayonise. wow... it's taste good.

but the sandwich i make is not the picture below. the Sandwich below is my lunch on Wednesday. Obrien Sandwich is newly opened behind my office building. Wisma UOA II is having promotion Buy 1 Free 1. i ordered Chicken Triple Decker which cost Rm16.50 each. Lucky we got share out the cost, but still paying for RM8.25.
now this is the sandwich i made just now for my diner. inside got Australia lettuce, Ham, egg, timun, mayonise and chili souce. Yummy. im only do one sandwich, as after i ate, i feel quite full.
this is the Obrien newly opened.


08 08 08

omg... im already missed out. im current blogging on 09 08 08. Sigh.

today is Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.
everyone is talking about it.

while today is a super busy day. been preparing for the files to be send to Japan.

today, got learnt two lessons. i was being advised by my japanese boss. sigh. what a small mistake that i have done.

i went to Jasco after works. brought some food for the week to do ---> Sandwich.

after that, went to hair cut. omg, i must be blur blur. the stylist mention better wash hair as well, so im without doubt i agreed. normally they wash my hair 1st before cut. but this time, the defination of wash hair is not those normal hair wash. this time got charge 1. Sigh.

anyways, the hair wash is superb. he is like washing my hair and do some massage.

back at home around 7.45pm. it's near to Olympic Opening ceremony, which is start at 08.08pm. i try to find channal to watch online but fail. then i have to wait until 8.30pm for the RTM 1 delay showing.

wah.... wow.... wah... so many surprise view. im likes it. i thinks i must go find the National Geography about the Olympic Opening Ceremony inside view. hehe...

anyways, every movements created by the director Zhang Yi Mou (found out from my friend blog - contribution from her blog ). He is so great.

i like the most the walking on the walk, but the last person holding tourch running in the air circle the NEST. im just loves it.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

MR @ Low Yat Forum

suddenly the topic of MR is being fry until so hot.

everyone in MR,

who was once in MR,
who is currently in MR,
who was in MR long long time ago,
who was loyalty to MR,
who was hate MR,
who was learnt in MR,
who was enjoyed in MR,

everyone is giving their comments.

the negative points
the positive points
the bad points
the good points

even im always in the Low Yat Forum, i never come accross MR thread which created on Jan 24 2008, 11:45 PM.

this thread is re-appear from dead after 6 months by a post dated
Jul 30 2008, 07:47 PM onward. the thread is become alive again and it's become the hottest topic among MR-ian and Ex-MR-ian. MR is being "pijak" kaw kaw on that movement onwards, days by days until first strike back on Aug 5 2008, 01:08 AM discovery by some1. this is followed by second strike on Aug 5 2008, 01:01 PM and so on.

that fellow is a tax dept senior. OMG, i guess he is surfing the low yat out of boringness and try his luck see whether he able to comment on this boringness in low yat. he is sucessful. with the search function, he found MR thread which is believed sleep in the deep of the forum is being awaked by him. then the rest is history...

words by words of war is on going between few parties. got BN, PKR, and even PAS.

Conclusion: the MR reputation is being "polluted" left half which is clean.

it's painful to see my ex-firm is being polluted by an un-responsible person.

Hope MR will continue standing strong. i believe my MR colleague will continue to prove others wrong. Gambateh.

Scanning @ TBR

suddenly i need to scan my additional transcripts for something.

this is headache. Scanner is seldom own by friends. asking around and seems no 1 own it.
so i decided to try my luck at Taman Bunga Raya.

i go to the shop im always go. Wow... they modernise it. 4 20 inch LCDs screen in the shop. i asked the price for the scanning, wow, it's way below my expectation, 50 cents per piece for colour scanning. my scanning need is solved. im so happy.

before this, got 1 customer is wanted to print his Auto-card drawing. it's also able to provide the printing as well. while after my turn, got student is request to print her asignments.

TBR, a quite long forgeted taman since half year ago. now it's time to re-visit.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


last Sunday i follows my friend went to Le Méridien to do gym.

omg... i weight my body, it's 78kg. my friend who almost same height as me is just about 60++kg. it's about over 18kg. im over-weights.

suddenly in mind sparked, i want to diet n exercise more.

to reduce weight, 20% is on exercise while the rest is on diet and rest.
now it's time to control my intake.

can not have buffet often. but i this last time i got few buffet. it's too over already.
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