Saturday, August 09, 2008


08 08 08

omg... im already missed out. im current blogging on 09 08 08. Sigh.

today is Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.
everyone is talking about it.

while today is a super busy day. been preparing for the files to be send to Japan.

today, got learnt two lessons. i was being advised by my japanese boss. sigh. what a small mistake that i have done.

i went to Jasco after works. brought some food for the week to do ---> Sandwich.

after that, went to hair cut. omg, i must be blur blur. the stylist mention better wash hair as well, so im without doubt i agreed. normally they wash my hair 1st before cut. but this time, the defination of wash hair is not those normal hair wash. this time got charge 1. Sigh.

anyways, the hair wash is superb. he is like washing my hair and do some massage.

back at home around 7.45pm. it's near to Olympic Opening ceremony, which is start at 08.08pm. i try to find channal to watch online but fail. then i have to wait until 8.30pm for the RTM 1 delay showing.

wah.... wow.... wah... so many surprise view. im likes it. i thinks i must go find the National Geography about the Olympic Opening Ceremony inside view. hehe...

anyways, every movements created by the director Zhang Yi Mou (found out from my friend blog - contribution from her blog ). He is so great.

i like the most the walking on the walk, but the last person holding tourch running in the air circle the NEST. im just loves it.

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