Tuesday, August 12, 2008


on 4 June 2008

i have called in the Astro hot line to request to terminate my astro service. it is understanding that i have to give 1 month notice for them to terminate my astro. btw, calling to Astro Customer Services is a challengge, it's test your patients... give u simple waiting of 20-30 minutes.
it's Scuk.

on July 2008

suppose this the the last bill that im going to pay. i leave it.

on 11 Aug 2008

i forget to pay my July last month astro bill and today i received another latest bill. feel like very dissapointed and very mad. feeling like what to score people yet before can score people expect to waits for at least 10minutes. hmmm, it's helps, while waiting i thinks of what im going to say, how my tone want to say it out... bla bla bla...

5 minutes pass, finally got people answer, hmmm quite lucky this time. i told him that im have called in to request to terminate my line. he checks and he admit it's their fault.

hmmm, not bad. admits mistake also. and i request to waive the Aug charges. he said he is doing waiver now. and i also asked when will my astro services be terminated? 1 days? 12 hours? immediately? he said within 3 hours. ok.

after had my diner i go check my astro whether still can watch it or not. oh, they finally cut it.

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