Monday, August 18, 2008

16 Aug 2008

16 Aug 2008.

it's was a busy and full schedule day.

morning, i went to join Cari Forum's badminton gang playing badminton at Wangsa Maju Pro-One court. it's quite good experience can meets with new friends playing badminton together.

affer badminton session, went back home bath and get change then come out to Time Square to watch movie with friends together.

after movie, we yam cha at Old Town Kopitiam before we went for diner at some where nearby the bulatan Kg Pandan Western food.

after diner, we heads to Putrajaya for the fireworks. we start our journey around 8.08pm using the KL - Putrajaya Highway and it's was fast. within 20 minutes we got exit the toll. As this is my first time using KL-Putrajaya Highway, im just following the PICC signbroad and it's leads me to the PICC directly, surprisingly we just follow the front car to enter into the PICC. i never thought of entering into the PICC... but very lucky we can drives inside.

we got passby the Bridge, the main fireworks firing place, saw a lots of people sitting in the field. Too bad, i din bring my own camera that day.

it's was my first time entering into the PICC and we stand right in front of the bridges. i thinks i need to go to low yat search for the pictures for it...

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