Friday, August 22, 2008

Fireworks @ 20 Aug 2008

Team Canada @ Malaysia Internation Fireworks Competition
that night was enjoyable as well. fireworks with music, and it's a great song. among the song got Titanic. i was reached at PICC around 8.35pm and i was block to drive into the building. Sigh im late for that night, so i have to park my car at the "Parking Awam" and take the shuttle bus to PICC. the Shuttle bus is keep on going. just wait about 5 minutes bus take off and it's so frequent.
Canada team is different from the China team where China play is go for the love story lines while Canada is on Songs.
im looking forward for the spain on this coming Sunday night. Too bad, i did not able to enjoy the Malaysia team's fireworks with music.
Parking Awam
on my parking at the "Parking Awam" i saw 1 terible experience. As we all line up to parks our car at the still available big space vacant land, the car in front of me, which is Mocha silver Myvi quites new with plates number WQT, he suppose to listen to the Anggota Rela instruction by parking here. But i thinks the driver saw in front far ahead there got space and it's more nearer to the Bridge, so the driver just drive ahead to there, the Rela anggota angry and quickly pick up stone from ground and throw it to the Myvi. Hits or no hits, im not sure. But im definately wont follow him. Just park my car and follows Anggota Rela's instruction.
Malaysian Driver
i was on shuttle bus, and we were ready to head for the PICC. Omg, we bus way out is being blocked by driver. they were so afraid can not get parking. The Anggota Rela stand in front of out bus and instruction the cars to drive out of our way. He have trying the very hard then only can get the cars to drive out. Sigh...
KL - Putrajaya Highway
with this new highway, i can reach Putrajaya with smooth and fast, but have to pay a total of RM4.00 for the toll starting from Jln Tun Razak entrance.
on my ways back to KL, im also have no face any difficulties on the traffic. It so smooth. i thinks the only jamm is from parking exit to main road, but im avioded it by delay about 30 minutes after the fireworks end.

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